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Default Silly picture thread

Just curious: is there any particular reason why the comments with the pictures in the Silly Picture Thread in the Lounge have been removed? I thought they added something, or occasionally provided a needed context to appreciate the humour, but I can also understand that there will be arguments for keeping the thread comment-free if that is indeed the intention.
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+1. Wanted to ask but didn't dare...
I worked myself so hard to comment for some of those pictures, hehe, and some time ago I have seen my comments gone. Then I saw the comments gone for heavier guys here around, and I felt happy is not only me
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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
heavier guys
He's my brother...
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Explanation: The silly picture thread is for silly pictures. If the picture requires reinforcement with text it might not be silly enough.

Secret workaround: Name the picture with the text you want to be transmitted to the viewer. Then they can see the picture, maybe wonder what is silly about it and then see the filename for clarification.

Consider it a challenge!

PS: Forum rules are based on Calvinball.

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