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Default I'm getting the wrong type of assignments...

I have all my cores set to get p-1L. I switched worker 4 to get one LL-DC assignment, which I got, and then switched the settings back to p-1. But I was assigned another LL-DC anyways. I switched the settings on my computer, the pc settings on my account, AND my account settings. I unreserved the second DC assignment, and deleted it from the "worktodo.txt" file. But it still shows up on my "status". Here is the relevant portion of the worktodo.txt:
[Worker #4]

But the status in Prime95 indicates that their are TWO pending DC tests...glitch? Or am I missing something?

Also, this does NOT seem to be a problem on workers 1-3.

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First of all, do not post the assignment key on public forums, as long as the exponent is not already double-checked and verified. Knowing them would enable an eventual poacher to takeover your work. This would mean generally nothing for the project, except in case you find a prime and that would not be a happy situation for you.

Second, P95 does not "continuously" communicate with the server. This is done to save your internet connection. It saves the local work and it will try to contact the server from time to time only. You will not see the "un-reservation" immediately after you did it, but only after a while (after next data exchange between p95 and the PrimeNet server). It is supposed to unreserve the jobs which were unreserved from the Primenet page, next time when it does communicate with the server, IF there is no work done on those jobs already (it will never unreserve an exponent whose LL is started already, he does not guess your mind, and maybe you want to re-test an exponent which is already doublechecked for whatever reasons you may have). To force P95 to check with the server, use Manual Communication from the Advanced menu (if this is not already solved by the time already passed).

Edit: if you really want to get rid of an assignment immediately, you should unreserve it first, then stop p95, edit worktodo file and delete it from there. Also, you have to check your prime.txt file for the settings you have (DaysOfWork, DaysBetweenCheckins, MaxExponents, UnreserveDays, etc) otherwise you can end up with another assignment immediately after you deleted the former one. Read the readme.txt, stress.txt and more important, undoc.txt file, comming with p95 distribution.

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LaurV mentioned this, but in shorter form, Prime95 must not be running when you modify text files. To close it properly, hit Test/Exit to close the program before modifying any of the text files. (Simply hitting the X button in the upper right corner does not shut down the program.) After you have fiddled with the files, restart the prog and do the Manual Comm. as described by LaurV.
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