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Nov 2010

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Default SZPTR - whare is it defined

SZPTR symbol is referenced is several files of the mprime sources:
 $ find . -name '*' | xargs grep -l SZPTR
but I cannot find its definition anywhere. Is this some kind of VS internals which supposedly equals "sizeof (void *)" ?


Also, the opt_save_reg macro is being used, but I cannot find it within mprime bundle. The closest I get is the save_reg macro from provided by microsoft SDK. Are those macros different ?


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I think it is in unravel.Mac
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Nov 2010

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Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
I think it is in unravel.Mac
Well, that was the first place I checked. Other than that I do full grep on 25.11 zip contents. Interestingly, google when queried on opt_save_reg returns nothing, neither msdn. Anyway, if it is not something you have on the top of the head, then I'll try to workaround that.

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both are in unravel.mac

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Nov 2010

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Sorry, you were right.
My linear programming habits :) - I expected definition before first use, and as I saw both SZPTR and opt_save_reg being referenced several times in sequence from the start of the file I would not expect definition to follow after those references. MASM startles me every day.
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