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Default What difference between these two 10m digit exponents?

What does the "F" mean in the first exponent (33274547), Finished/Failed?
And the second one, did I find anything interesting?

"Factored composite : 1", "Lucas-Lehmer composite: 1"
I thought I checked two 10 million digit exponents, but it seems they were different somehow. Clarify, but don't spend too much time explaining :)

------- Exponents Cleared since last Synchronization -------

prime fact Lucas-Lehmer residue or factor
exponent bits [residues partially masked] date returned computer ID
-------- ---- -- -------------------------------- --------------- ------------
33274547 64 F 25826112880680091961 15-Apr-02 06:35 ****
33353669 69 0x45B178D032C5DB__ 16-Jan-03 19:36 ****

Factored composite : 1
Lucas-Lehmer composite: 1
Double-checked LL : 0
---------------------- -------

I thank you for a possible answer

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F means factored
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As George said, F means factored, which means you have found a factor of the first number. There was no need to perform the LL test.
The second result was obtained at the end of the LL test: it is the "residue" computed in the last iteration. If, instead of the value obtained, the residue was 0, you would have found the first 10M+ Mersenne Number
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Originally Posted by Deviator
What does the "F" mean in the first exponent (33274547), Finished/Failed?
There's an explanation of report codes (*,F,D,P) at under the subheading "Internet PrimeNet Server Individual Account Report". Look at the four paragraphs just below the line on which "PrimeNet UserID" and "Password" are requested.

This explanation is not particularly easy to find, though the Internet PrimeNet Server page at has a link to that page in the sentence "For a complete legend of report symbols and meanings, please see the Individual Account Reports page."
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