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Default distributed proofreading

Hello all. I don't think anyone has brought this up yet. There is a website for distributed proofreading. This is run by (the wonderful people who have the internet archive and a movie archive) and it is for supporting Project Guttenburg. This project is trying to make electronic copies of all public domain books. This site scans in copies of books and uses OCR (optical character recognition) to get an electronic copy of the text on each page. Then it has uses go through and make sure everything is correct as well as fixing formatting error, making stuff bold or italics, fixing hyphenated words that spread across lines, etc. The page is double checked by someone else and then it is sent on for post processing. It seems like a worth project. I have done 2 pages so far. You can proofread while your computer does Prime95 :).
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You just wait...It won't be long until speed readers start poaching pages from others. :D :D
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lmao! you know... to cut down on poaching we could always run a DOS attack on all poached ip addresses. That way, they'd never check out an exponent again.... just thought I'd throw out the script kiddie's answer to all your poaching problems.
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I have a couple of friends that work with the Distributed Proofreading project.

They're both long-time dnet participants - should I ask them if there's a "stats" page for the proof project?

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I'm also contibuting to both, GIMPS and Distributed Proofreaders.

For all the stats addicts (That includes me!) there are some stats, showing the top 10 proofers, your rank and your neighborhood. Enough to motivate guys like me to do a couple of pages each day.

These days we will post the book number 1000 to the archive.
That's a lot more than the number of primes we've found here!
(I know this comparison doesn't make ANY sense , but hey, I'm addicted to stats ... :D )

So you also might consider help proofing a bit each day, instead of staring at your GIMPS account info for an hour ...


... who has a slow computer which has just factored out the first number, but has proofed more than 3000 pages at Distributed Proofreaders.
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Distributed Proofreaders has changed a lot since it first started, grown significantly, and, yes, it has stats!

Check them out, proof a couple of pages.

Now at
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6809 > 6502
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Also, be aware of NASA's clickworker program.

The basic concept: NASA has zillions of images of Mars and Venus. The number of craters per square area is an indicator of the age of terrain, etc. People are still better at seeing craters (of various sizes) than computers. NASA has harnessed the power of lightly trained volutneers to map the location and size of craters using the internet as the data transfer medium.
Images are sent to the worker, they mark the craters and the data is sent back to NASA's servers.
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Just getting caught up on the forum. How did my avatar ever end up being that thing? Weird
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Frogs are cool...
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It looks more like a high lizard to me.
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Clickworkers is back! I wonder why they would be gone so long. Anyway there is that Monkey Shakespeare Simulator. It has got to 22 letters somehow and if you could optimize to the maximum speed of any computer (not just yours) I will give you TF credit!
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