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Default Chinese New Year, coronaviruses and i3-8350k

Haha, nice title, huh? This will bring us a billion searches from gulu-gulu.

The reality is that, in spite of the fact that we are not directly affected by the coronavirus here, the "extended" CNY, partially due to the flu, starts taking its toll this year. We (royal we) are "affected" by the CNY every year, personally, and work-related, as the most of our vendors are in China and south-east Asia, and when the CNY "strikes", they have the bad habit of disappearing for weeks, making three or even four weeks holiday from the "official" one or two weeks.

We worked in China for few years at the end of the last century, and it was like that. There is an official holiday of one week, or sometimes two weeks, depending of the placement of the CNY in the week (this year it was Jan 25th, and we expected a single week), and by this time every factory there, will be closed, and all the workers will travel to different cities and/or provinces, to spend the holidays with their families. Nothing wrong with it. The only issue is that most of them will get so drunk, from either the rice wine, or from the noises caused by the firecrackers haha , and they'll forget to come to work for a week al least, after the holidays.

The CNY is also a big opportunity of changes, for the Chinese person, and they use it to "open new chapters" in their lives, this including getting married, moving to another city, changing jobs, i.e. moving from a place/company to the other, for better money, whatever advantages, etc., which always "adds to the pain" for their customers (i.e. us).

So, here in Thailand, we always take precautions to bring in all the raw materials and semi goods that we can, before the CNY, to avoid materials shortage, but in the same time, some things can't be bought in advance, or would create too much of a non-moving stock, or lots of issues with transportation and importing (ex: lithium batteries, which are classified as dangerous goods, and you can't put them in the plane in large quantities).

But this year, due to the restrictions imposed by the flu, CNY seems to be ridiculously extended. Some of our vendors didn't return yet to work, albeit two weeks passed, and we have no knowledge of their future plans. Some others notified they'll be closed for another week or two. Some are working normal already, from today.

On the work side, we could not care less, our colleagues did a good job and we have everything we need to avoid closing down the production lines. But on the "personal" side, we are a little bit disappointed, and a little by worried, because we placed few orders on aliexpress sometimes in beginning/mid of January (nothing important, some cheap tools, drills, devices, which are needed around the house and only cost few bucks no more than a hundred totally), and some are on the way for three weeks already, most probably stuck in customs (the custom officers may believe the viruses live on the carton from the box, and quarantine them for a while), but some were not even shipped, and the vendors did not reply to our emails yet.

We guess they are still drunk. This is the optimistic side, because we do not want to think about the pessimistic one, where they are all dead from the flu.

Anyhow, imagine our surprise, when, after about three weeks of waiting, we got an SMS from swmbo last evening, telling us we received a parcel. Our neighborhood has some security guards who patrol from time to time during the day, to check if everything is all right when everybody is at work. They are doing a nice job of keeping us "safe", and also, when the postman comes and there is nobody home, he'll give the parcel to the guard and get his signature. If no signature is needed, he will drop the parcel in the box, or in front of the door. So, the guard took the parcel and gave it to swmbo in the evening. She is at home few hours earlier, we usually work longer and arrive home later.

We went to the web and logged in to aliexpress to see which of the packages were delivered, and we found with stupefaction that none of the packages we are waiting for, was delivered. They were all either unsent, either on the way.

We told swmbo that the parcel is from China and we are waiting some more, following which she deposited it outside of the house, "in quarantine" , and refused to open it for us, but told us that the stamp is from USA, and we can open it when we get home, but we are not allowed to bring it in the house till we see what's inside. We still have no idea if she was serious or joking (as a qualified nurse, she knows the viruses don't live on carton boxes), but well...

We arrived home in the evening and found the parcel. We opened it and inside, guess what? Of course you guessed, that is the only thing in the title of the post we didn't talk about. We found the i3-8350k CPU that Xyzzy was trying some time ago to find a new home for. We almost forgot about that discussion (it was on this forum, in November or December, but it may have been on the moderators-only section).

Ha! Now, we are the proud owner of a i3-8350k for which we paid nothing yet. Still waiting for a "quotation" from Mike, we expressed the intention to get it, but it was not clear (or we do not remember) if it was a give-away item or an "auction", and we never knew that we are the "winner". But now we have it, it came as a surprise, however we understand that there is no free lunch, and we want a quotation. Also we must look to make a box for it (most of the components we have, we may try to get locally a power supply and maybe a better mobo). Then we will see what this baby can do...

First step is done: we convinced swmbo that it is safe to be brought in the house

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