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Default 15k moderation

Kosmaj Isoule and Jocelynl,
Get the existing mods (jocelynl, Kosmaj and lsoule) to PM me agreeing to this and it will be done.
Could you please PM Xyzzy, so that 15k project moderation can be turned over back to it's origin. You can remain moderators if you wish.
Since says "This will always be Shane's project, we are just continuing it" this should not be a problem.
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I feel I must say that I agree with Alex in this regard.

The word "chutzpah" also comes to mind.

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Shane, don't expect any favours from me. If you want to know why, since you appear to forget things quickly, read again this.

The only thing I can recommend to Mike is that "15k" forum be either deleted or locked.
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Originally Posted by Kosmaj
The only thing I can recommend to Mike is that "15k" forum be either deleted or locked.
What is best for the project? That is my only concern. Locking or deleting the forum seems a bit drastic, and you all seem to be doing very well there.
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I changed my plans recently, so what?
So what if we do not like each other?
I believe you handled your new project well, and I yielded to the candidates. is in direct contradiction to your wishes.

Are you really going to let Kosmaj retain control over 15k here?
Both Joss and Isoule have already agreed it would be best.
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When exactly did you start hating me anyway?
I have been reading through the history here.
Let's see, I was welcomed back to the group, and the first versions of RMA were uploaded to by Slashdude.
You were friendly enough to try RMA but you said you couldn't get it to run.
Jean Penne got it to run as well as many others. It worked well.
Suddenly RMA was no longer available at, and most members became aloof.

I just want a reason why at the least, and do what you will with 15k Search Xyzzy. I prefer deletion over locking it up.
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Maybe a simple poll will resolve this?
Way I see it: we were competing with PIES over the leadership in TOP-5000, and we would still be ahead of them if we stayed united (right now together we have 533 primes). It turned out otherwise unfortunately, but maybe it is a good time to burry the hatchet and forget the past?
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