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Viliam Furik
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This is just a wild guess, but maybe LaurV was talking about the engagement day and the wedding day.
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Dr Sardonicus
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Originally Posted by slandrum View Post
<snip>In one case the couple had eloped and concealed from one set of parents that they had been married for a couple of years before deciding to have a "real" wedding.
This reminds me of a couple... The woman was from a far country, and her parents (especially her mother) did not approve of her long-term relationship with an American man. They finally decided to get married without telling her parents - at least, not right away. But after two years, they finally did. Her mother's immediate reaction was, "It won't last six months!"
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We got married (official, sign the papers, small family party, close friends) in October but had the wedding (religious, big party "my big fat greek wedding" style, a hundred people getting totally drunk and sleeping under the tables) in May next year. Usually, in my country (and orthodox religion) people do all in the same time, go to the city hall, go to the church (neither the civil officer, nor the priest, will come to your house, and the priest will not officiate any ceremony unless the couple is legally married first), with all the "audience" behind of them, preferably late autumn (because of the wine, you know? ), but our situation was particular, I was already in uni, the uni was 45km away in the big city, I was living in campus and going home only in weekends, while she was living with her parents in my/our home town. When she got into her medical school in the same city, we decided to live together instead of paying accomodation two times - money partially supported by the parents - we were already "together" for many years if you can call it so, except for the 45 km separating us, hihi, but the parents on both side (old style) didn't accept that we live together unless we do it "legally". You know, "what the people will say?"... That's the story. We were not prepared for wedding that early autumn (schools start in September), so we only went to city hall and signed the papers, thinking we'll do the wedding later in the autumn, but the school, as well as the "events" in the country at the time, didn't really let us. So, my parents in law had to save the wine till May (they were making one of the best wine I ever drank, own harvest).
There was nothing like "engagement" day between us, the engagement was many years earlier, on July 5th, when we saw each other for the first time. (well, not realy, haha, but we like to believe it was love at first sight).

Edit: And to avoid any comments, no, it was not "in hurry", our daughter (the only child) was born about 6 years later

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This is about another fourth, but yeah, if we have a thread here, let's use it...

May the fifth be with you... (Yeah, I know, it sounds like happy cinco de mayo, hihi, and if you got drunk because of that, then tomorrow morning will be the revenge of the sixth...)

The idiot of me, I forgot yesterday. I wanted to say it all day, but busy-busy around, and eventually I forgot. However it just occurred to me about half hour ago that on the other side of the molten iron core, where most of you are living, it is still 4th. I was waiting to finish what I was doing and hurried to the black rectangular board with many keys and buttons...




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