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Question MPrime: K7 has 64KB of L1 cache... but I thought it had 128K!

MPrime (the Linux version of Prime95) reports that my Athlon XP "T-bred" has 64K of L1 cache.

However, I thought Athlon XPs have 128K of L1 cache. I know the one half of it is used for data and the other half for code/instructions, IIRC.

Probably MPrime reports only the data cache, but why?
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They do have 128K L1 cache 64K instruction, 64K data.

Perhaps the 64K is ment for each,
like the 16K for a Celeron ( 1Ghz) for each, 32K total.
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Probably MPrime reports only the data cache, but why?
Because the size of the instruction cache is not important in regards to performance from mprime's point of view.
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