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let's say: f(x1, y1) = x1 ) y1 = (x2, y2)

Remember that I'm using ")" to represent the "cut"
x1 = the thing being "cut"
y1 = the number of "cuts"
x2 = number of pieces after the "cut" or "cuts"
y2 = size of the new piece from the "cut"

It can also be written as:

a ) b = (a(b+1)),(1/b+1) = a

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Somebody give me one good reason why this thread sould not be closed on "that's enough inanity and derisive-amusement for one thread" grounds. For everyone besides the OP, with whom it is clearly useless to attempt to reason: No one has better things to do with their time? Re-read the neverending Don Blazys thread if you like endless natterings involving no new mathematics worth spit and "[it is *so*|it is *not*] division by zero" debates.

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Originally Posted by ewmayer View Post
Somebody give me one good reason why this thread sould not be closed

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Originally Posted by xilman View Post
Let x and y be real numbers.

BillyB(x, y) = x/y for all x, y where x and y are both non-zero.
BillyB(x,0) = 1 for all x not equal to zero.

At the moment I have no idea of the value of the only remaining case, viz BillyB(0,0).
Originally Posted by bsquared View Post
I agree with the first but my take on his "explanation" so far is that BillyB(x,0) = x. i.e., a thing of size x cut zero times remains size x. So BillyB(0,0) = 0 by that definition.
Originally Posted by BillyB View Post
Excellent interpretation!
My current (consensus) understanding is thus:
Let x and y be real numbers.

BillyB(x, y) = x/y for all x, y where y ≠ 0.
BillyB(x,0) = x.
Is this a correct understanding? I am avoiding your 'unmatched-parenthesis' notation, which creates some confusion.
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The Doctor is in!

My diagnosis: ewmayer's analysis is correct. This thread should be closed. I will do the honors.

Also, the OP's reporting of Uncwilly's post as "rude" is extremely childish, and far more rude than the post itself. If you're going to be posting er, ah, unconventional ideas to Miscellaneous Math, you had better have the hide of a rhinoceros.

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