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Default Possibly stupid question about PRP.

OK, so I reserved a range a few days ago. It was the 1891000.txt range with 23 candidates in it. Six of those candidates were 258317 to some power. And they are the only ones in the results.txt file. What did I screw up for it not to write the other results to the file? If it hasn't calculated them, why not? So only six of 23 candidates are in the results file and I don't know why.
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I have a guess what happend.

You did run the range 1890000.txt before that range has 17 k/n pairs.
When that was finished you opened the "input data" dialog to enter the new input file.
There you made the small error. The last line in that dialog is called
"Starting line number". This entry is not reseted when you chnange the input file. So after your your first range the "starting line number" says 18!

So you started the new range not at line 1 but at line 18.

To run the rest of the range remove the already calculated lines from the input file and put a "1" as strting line.

Attention sometimes you need to open the dialog a second time to let the calculations really start.

Hope that helps,

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Aha! That was it indeed. I don't suppose it matters what order the results in the results.txt file are in, does it? All the residuals and everything are intact, just in a slightly different order. Anyway, that's me crunching again.

In celebration I may nab another machine for PRPing :)
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Originally Posted by Biggles
I don't suppose it matters what order the results in the results.txt file are in, does it?
Indeed, a certain order is not needed.
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