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Feb 2013

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Should tell that this is a quite heavy one, for that of number, because here it blew the other way, for just a flipover, and here during the week.

But not any reported either, at least from only my side.

Here is the familiar number we should be aware of, for just knowing, when that of a "slingshot" number here.

Anyway, I did not try here, from just a recall, but the product of this number should be at least composite, for still not any remainder, when only a flipover for such.

So, just "stupidity killed the cat", for only the other project I could make it, and next only looking around, for only the blow it still could be, when only just knowing.

Just "hi there", and next I could be only sitting here, for only a way to produce, when also deliver, for not any sentence it should be either.

Always the remainder it could be, when also that of a leftover, but for that, we only could be testing a number for that of primality when only such.

I better report the factors, for still just knowing, when also that of possession for just the same.

And this one just blew, for only a SIQS for such, meaning that I could be having the factors.

Here a P42 and P43 respectively, and it is a beautiful pair, for only one digit difference in size.

Notice the P38 for just before or preceding, and it becomes quite clear that this is a tight one here for that of pair.

Maybe updating here before I go to bed.

P38 = 11177730913469814457434179537581152881

Flips around for that of a P166 when only multiplying here, for that of a loose factor, already known.

And here making an entry which in fact is not needed, for only superfluous for such.

Apologies for that.

Should tell that I did not know or report the factors here, but only that they were already known.

Therefore redoing here for just orders sake, and it took a little while.

But next, on the other hand, for not any nextprime() it should be either, next I could end up being a jerk for only nonsense for such.

Always the bigger and better, for also a number for such, and next you could sieve, for only extract by only doing so.

Those numbers in between should be almost countless, for also indeterminate as well, and for that, also a lack of being able to quantize, for only the numbers it could be.

So here not just a number in itself, but rather an amount instead, meaning that you should count it separate here.

Just picking a P92 by chance, for also a P38, and it should be a C130 or so, and next it could flip over, for that of the "rest".

Here need scrolling down a little, for perhaps a couple of samples, and next I have not tried it either.

Only exclude 2 perhaps for just a factor on one side, and you could be still left with that of the remaining part of it for just task, when only that of the rest.

Here keying in the product or composite factor before the first one just above, so here in error once again.

Again my apologies for that, but here again two separate factorizations, making for loose factors here, so why it ends up better at times, I really do not know.

The P41 was already known here, but more that it flips around quite nice here, and next back to the C120.

And not doing that one either, because suspecting it could be quite some bit difficult.

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Feb 2013

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And since becoming Friday, I have to go to the shop in just a moment.

But here flipping around for that of the "Magic number", and getting two factors here for which not any reported either or yet, but one is a P153, the other a P154.

Here it becomes just 3 and 7 in between each way, but also that it does not make for anything else, when larger numbers concerned, also when multiplied.

Here I did such a thing for that of RSA-2048, and chose to terminate, for not any successful.

It only becomes a composite number once again, for only the small ones preceding it.

If making it any (2^4096+1), for just the (10^1132-1) it should be instead, you could end up with at least some 999999... for that of digits.

But next, any prime versus composite for such, and needs checking here.

Just in the middle of the day here, but making it that of 1132 here, for that of digits, for also number of digits for the same.

But here interesting for that of factors being added, for only primes for such it still could be, for only the added context for still only being a composite number here.

Report a couple of dozen of such PXXX for not any PYYY either, and next multiply it for that of a sequence, and still only a composite number as the result.

So here thinking I rather should go for (2^8192+1) or (2^16384+1) for each separate factorization, when still not any prime for just he 9999999.. it could be here, when only 1133 digits.

Only doing so, for each one you could be having, and it becomes that of complete factorization, for also the separation it could be, next between numbers.

So perhaps not separation here either, but only that you could be having it in full, for only the complete factorization it still could be.

Making this entry right now, from the P35, P47, P51 and P56, in the previous, for the product it should be, and I could be giving a hand on the C121 here for just trying it out.

And should tell that when back from the shop, in fact I made it wrong with just one digit in the previous, and should be (10^1133) instead, and not mine here either.

Here needs a redo of the whole thing in order to get it in order, because of the usual confusion, when that of potentiation.

The problem is still that when these numbers for only factors are reported separately, for also individually, or just in pairs, for being that of a product, it becomes composite.

One such flipover makes it for a P31 or so, and I could have it later on, unless breaking in the meantime.

I will try fix that later on, for shortening it a little.

And here should tell that I found something interesting perhaps, for still the "unfriendly" or opposite project it could be.

First, this is still unofficial, but I bumped a number a little, for that of factorizing for such, but next multiplying, I ended up with a P368.

Flipping it over, for already knowing it with the C617 for that of our secrecy, doing the same with the C1133 of the once again the other project.

Here becoming 2, 929, 37139, 58567, and next a PRP753, and that is to my knowledge, pretty close here.

And here guessing that it could be still that of bit value for only that of worth, except not having the correct syntax here, for perhaps only depth.

Just fill it up, and next only the throat it should be, for not any Abyss, when rather numbers merging together, for only being combined, or perhaps merged.

But only for simplicity, adding 368 with 753 here, and it becomes 1121, for not that far off from that of C1133 here.

And yes, I already know that this project is still about finding the largest number possible, for also the obstacles or hindrances during the way.

Next, sweet dreams, for only just such a thing, and it could be a C147 here as well, for still also the C1133, for where it could be an intersection for just a meeting, when not any kiss either.

But closer, could also be that of nearer, for only the double or dual factors it could be, when that of the encounter it could be, for only closing in on each other.

Both the factorization of the C147, for also the C1133 it could be, next could be such a kiss, for only a sweetheart for such, when also the place we also could meet, and next celebrate.

We already know that there should not be any single sequence for only the numbers we could get, but only that they could relate to each other, for only given context.

Losing my hands, as you already should know, but most of it made it to the logs, for that of subsequent reporting.

So here just slightly behind for that of such, and it could be waiting to the morning for such a thing being done or carried out, but here only knowing we could be quite near to it right now.

And for just the funny part of it, translating "proximity" here, for only the nearness it could be.

Links for this coming up when posted, and readily available.

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Feb 2013

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Should I write this or the following, or it was just found in the buffer, for that of posting.

Always that number only found first, and next it becomes a sequence, for only just following.

Here doing so, and a couple of new factors being added to my list.

So here perhaps not any strain or burden it could be, for only difficulty instead, when that of factoring a number for only the "respective" it should be.

P42 = 156444701493908092603269393203296092219791

P87 = 243278622042745394478439429339422038392796511630770812150824481463051381895367502662169

So just give me a laugh for not having tried that yet, except that the product could still flip around for just the other side, becoming just the same.

Problem here is that it becomes just a composite number on one side, for also that of a bit, or particular factorization, on just the other side.

More this one instead, because here flipping around from RSA-2048 with a P21 and P350, but not added yet.

Anyway, or perhaps a gamble instead, when only adding the P42 and P87, for not any multliplying it should be either.

Next, so long, for not just how many factors, and also different they might be.

Need to add perhaps a P40 here. for only missing the whole thing, for perhaps not stealing the show it should be either.

Next multiplying here for that of a product, and next flipping around, for that of RSA-2048, still for that of our secrecy.

The second link above once again that of RSA-768, for perhaps a bit forgotten.

Here it works, but no point adding the product here, for only the flipover instead, and it becomes a P12 here at first.

Next a P29, followed by a P261, and the whole thing takes just five minutes to complete.

Adding the link in a short while, if not there already.

Here should tell that I went for a restart of the computer, while still the summer heat just everywhere.

But next getting a P40 and P42 for the first one for just close or nice pair, when rather it should be the square root instead.

Doing that at first, here five small ones at first, next a P14 and P19, and finally a P36 and P78, for not that difficult either.

Total factoring time = 810.7304 seconds

Continuing with the C226 in the second link, because any trial factoring on what I got here, did not became tried out yet.

Also that the P78 should be flipped around for that of the C147 being of much interest, so here also another thing to do.

But still that this needs to be reported, and doing so after sunset, when also the weekend shopping being done.

Anyway, here should tell I chose to run the (3329*2^3388472-1) for that of number, using the syntax pfgw64 -q"(3329*2^3388472-1)" here.

Should be the syntax alone here, for better specified, but also that this also became mentioned at PrimeGrid.

Only for that little "-" in the syntax, I could read it as being a Mersenne number here, for not any 321 LLR, or Riesel number either.

But next excluding any 321, for only the 3 it could be at first, for still only a Riesel number instead.

Here the Subproject status for that of The Riesel problem it could be still, for only Statistics, is choosing not to include this number for any k, but rather excluding it.

Did I just or at one time find a PRP12000+ for only just forgetting all about it, and not having the number either?

If perhaps so, it was a subnumber of sorts, for being in the middle of the scale, for still not being reported before, but next thinking it could be part of the Mersenne factors
for only the number it could be still.

Anyway, still trying here, for only the summer heat still around, but also that there could be published results at for this.

If this rather should be +1 instead, it could be that of a Proth number only for such, but instead only -1, for not knowing where it should go.

Here testing it out, and noticing that it became a restart from an already stored number or result, and in the summer heat, just forgetting the correct name.

But here at 3220000/3388483 for still only a restart, and I could try getting back at it, when the task becomes finished.

pfgw64 -q"(3329*2^3388472-1)"
PFGW Version [GWNUM 27.11]

Resuming at bit 3002509
(3329*2^3388472-1) is 3-PRP! (1264.0695s+0.0043s)

I better start a new one here before continuing.

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Feb 2013

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And doing so, for just a new one, but of course keyed it in the wrong way for that of a sequence, for only a P139 at first, followed by a P108.

Here the gap in between, for just the C309 it could be still, should be larger with the P108, for only back up in the list, for more previous.

Sorry about that, for only just missing it during the summer heat, because the flipover should take more time to complete, for still back up in the list it should be.

Next should add that after the dinner here, I may have been correct after all, for that of reporting sequence or order.

Here it becomes the P42 from a previously reported number, and next a pair, for that of the P40, which for the output, becomes that order.

So for pair, it also could become just square number of just factor, like 5*5=25, for example, but not necessarily deliberate or intended.

This because here any Option base for that of factoring, could have been removed, for at not least seeing it here.

Only just C79 = 2113395029955931104026722685159424388853341320601905118980913674681708691674001 for that of output,
and it becomes the pair of P40 factors, as already mentioned.

Here not even a SIQS for this, but only straight on, for still any ecm only cumbersome, and taking some time, and still for only the P139 here.

Again not any large here, but also a similar pair earlier on, which could be continued, for only ending up quite large in the end.

And here could add that for the "magical number" still being worked on, for that of RSA-1024, here P1 = 3, for also two factors, when also flipping around.

Checking, and it becomes a P126 here, versus a P182 for this.

I have to add it later here for that of links, because here also a couple of other things as well.

Here a semiprime for just being found, and here end factors for only such, but the second just got straight on, when next flipping it around the opposite way.

Here for just the way or order of sequence it just became reported, but should tell that the P36 could be more difficult to get at here.

And for only walking upwards, for that of (2^127-1), (2^127+1), (2^255-1), (2^255+1), (2^511-1) and (2^511+1), noticing a close pair, for that of (2^511-1), which I choose not to do.

But here the flipover, for that of the rest of it, still has to be added, for a new factor here.

Adding a P12, the remaining C170 is once again a hard one, for not any easy to factorize.

Only just in the middle of the crowd, for not any worth mentioning, it also became some slightly larger ones, which still have to be reported.

Any X*Y for perhaps not any possible, and still the remainder for just the flipover, and it becomes just the Method of elimination here instead.

The first link reads as (2^511+1) here, for also the full number being used, but flipping around, I once again have to add the P16, for becoming the P190 at the end.

So if adding the P35 already known for also here, next back at a C123 for which I guess factors are already known, for perhaps not any loose factors either.

But here waiting until I have it, for still only a method being chosen for that of being the right or correct one, when still quite a few of them.

Checking again, and it becomes (2^511-1) here for that of end factors, but once again only the number for that of in full.

Honestly, but if this could be still only loose factors a couple of times, we still could not get at it for only the result we could be wishing for.

If I could take a million factors, for not any more either, next multiplying, for that of dividing with the total number of such factors, I could get an average, for that of statistical mean.

But if next doing so, it could be that of congruence, when not any coinciding either, for just my bad english.

Any secret number only for such, and it should not be the Euler constant here either.

Making it any statistical mean, for just an average instead, and I should have mentioned it before, for just the other formula it could be.

So having the evening right now, I could report this before eyes getting closed, but here could be just rear-ended, for that of the flipover it also could be.

Meaning that it could be end factors here, for something larger, which has yet to be reported, and it should be taken notice of that.

And for just a bad start, once again keying in the wrong order for that of sequence, and please have me excused, because here a bit of work on doing this.

This number got fully factored, but also here the rear end, for that of doing it the other way first.

The same also here, for adding a P36 and P37, for also a P75 it could be at the end, for still doing the same thing, namely factoring.

Here coming up shortly, for still not being reported here, but took a little while getting at.

The problem here is that if perhaps making it a SIQS here, for that of a C112, it could be just two factors for only the end sequence it could be, when only result instead.

Next running forever, and here not knowing how long it could take.

Here adding it, for only meant to be, for still perhaps a bit difficult here, and using nfs(number) for only getting a hand on it.

The first one here only loose factors for what I could make it, and the other a regular factorization of numbers.

Wohoo, for still not anywhere there yet, at least for only numbers or their sake it perhaps could be.

And here perhaps should not have added the factors in the first one above, for only a bit tight.

The only reason for doing this, is when it flips around, for becoming fully factorized also the other way, becoming the second link above.

Only for climbing up a stairs, I could still multiply by just 2, for not any adding, for still the fallback it could be, when only the opposite way.

But next only becoming 2 as the first factor, for still the remaining perhaps known.

Perhaps it could be just fine for only running the SGS tasks at PrimeGrid, for still a couple of primes known, but here only a double-checker on one such task.

But next the gigantic prime I came across, vanished from my sight, for not being visible again, and here it could also be a megaprime as well.

This because first adding a PRP1764, which became a P1764, for another P23 being extracted from a C1786, for still (2^48853-1) here.

Here my first one such, for that of a titanic prime, so where it could go next for still the larger, could be an open question.

So if still remembering just that P1764 for only the work being carried out, also the remaining C12593 is that ugly beast that never will become factorized.

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Feb 2013

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Better making a new one here.

Here adding factors for both these ones.

Next my bad for keying in the flipover number before either the factors here, or even the complete number, and sorry about that.

And not keying in the product, for that of the end factors here, for only the same old story.

The C87 does not take the SIQS, so using ecm instead, and checking in tomorrow, for that of the answer.

Anyway, got that fixed, for only so good, next better.

We know that for only what the corresponding it could be, also that of "adjoining" as well, for only hanging together.

But next, flip a P121 (read my lips) with the remainder (C309 / P121), and next not any easy feat here either.

Only easy on just one side, and next difficult on the other, for still the other half it could be.

Here the "best" numbers we could have, still perhaps not enough, for only the factorization it still could be.

Anyway, did the weekend shopping earlier on, so here not any nonsense either.

The problem here is those factorizations that still remains, and is no simple answer for.

Flipping the possible answer for what you could get, only back in the same mud, for that of the bunch it still could be.

So here not any simple rule either, for only the answer it still could be.

Should I tell you a secret, for only an unncessary factorization instead?

I think regardless of just composite or perhaps prime at the end, for only the numbers preceding, not always those good ones either.

The better one I did before actually reporting, but here also my fingers, for also updating a new motherboard with both processor and cards.

I could add the link for this, for also the factorization, before going to bed.

And not the two ones listed there already, for that of loose factors of sorts, or maybe just dividing.

Total factoring time = 124822.4619 seconds

A bit of trouble getting the mouse at working, so a bit slow right now.

The worst thing that could be happening, is that PXX*PYY for what you know, and next the flipover does not work.

The reason here is that it divides, or factors, into yet a composite number which is hard to factorize.

Here I give it five or ten minutes at most, for perhaps returning a P30 or so, but next break it off, for that of no success.

So why it factors into a possible prime on each side, for that of the respective part on just the other, I really do not know.

But only just "many to many" for still only what you could know, and next also replication for such a thing, for not any larger either.

Any heated or stuck debate, should still not be any result you could expect, for also accomplish.

Only the closer it could be for that of result, and also the reason for it, when just behind.

Here the tarding or tardent it perhaps could be, for only that of weight, should perhaps not be any simple or mediocre either.

Just balance instead, for making it even, and perhaps no such thing either, when still only different numbers.

But here perhaps more lightly instead, for not any mediocre it still could be.

If I could be stuck on just 2, let it happen for only such, for not any (2^4096+1) instead.

So except for still not any hostile bid, when only project for such, we also know that it "ain't" be working, or could be working.

Just tell me on the spot that any trial division you could get, also could be a Fermat divisor, and next no such thing either.

One thing could be still weighted, for that of the mentioned number, but next it perhaps still does not any divide.

And yes, for not any "stupidity kills the cat", next how many instead, for that of a produce, or maybe just PXX* PYY instead.

Make it a set preference, or just reference, also an interval as well, for just inside, or where it is, or could be, for that of residing.

So here you do not exclude any factors for only what you do not know, only because they are within such a perimeter or range, for just given.

Here new factors for just added, except still within a circle for only just given, being that of a whole of sorts.

For starters, here is my first number for only just known, and for that a 309 digit composite number.

Next flip it around, for perhaps a P54 versus P76, and next the other way, or flipover, could be just easy.

But only knowing that these could be excluding factors, for just running out in nowhere, for that of possible significance.

Only the remaining prime factor becomes important here, for that of dividing with the rest of the number, for the flipover it still could be.

Ask me how the C119 fares with the rest of it, for just part, and still only trying here, for still not any weighted.

Not a good sentence just above, so let me try it out instead.

Anyway, I did start up here for just continuing, and should tell that just the factors came along already from the start.

The rest of it is not any doable right now, for just the computer wanting to restart or reboot, for some unknown reason.

Here a P33, P43, and P41, in that order, and I could try make it in before too late, for also that of stuck fingers.

Hmm, the C113 still needs the SIQS here, and just working on that, for only the numbers it still could be.

Hold on, for just your breath, because here not any simple or simplicity at all, for just easy.

Or maybe that said, for only doing so, when still first hand here, and still not any easy.

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Feb 2013

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A new one perhaps here.

Here should tell that it broke for just the both it could be here, and next the second first, for only the first having pretty good factors, namely a P38 and a P60.

The second is having a PRP113 at the end, becoming a P113, and here only from memory, for just having the bottle of soup first.

Read my postings at Seti@home, if you are any familiar, and here replacing the power supply with a 1500W instead, for also that of Type 3 cables towards the motherboard.

But next also an Intel 10920X right now, for that of a processor, for still looking up the motherboard, for that of type or brand.

Next still only one GTX1080 card inserted, closest to the fan, but also an airflow just above, for that of three fans, and also quite noisy.

I could also be adding the other GTX1080 card later on, but will have to turn off the computer once again, for also daylight in the room.

Perhaps I could think making it for that of possible LLR tasks, for that of Mersenne it could be instead, except still only one fan blade inserted, for that of the processor fan.

The bad thing here was that of the single processor fan being inserted, when unpacked from the box, but next having to pull it, for only attaching it to the motherboard.

I better should be adding the second fan blade as well, but still that of daylight needed, for only doing just that.

But just turning on the power, for that of the green light on the power supply, perhaps still not any sun shining, for only a moment of pleasure instead, because next only "Bingo" here,
when noticing it could be working.

Fixing the last line here, but first the bottle of hot soup.

Again, needs checking for that of the question mark it could be still above, for not any speculating instead, for only the complete number it perhaps could be.

If I knew that just RSA-1024 could be factorized, for still only the 309 digits it could be, next not any complete number for only a factorization, for still such a part it could be.

It reminds me of Seti@home here, for still that of "complete" it should be, but if rather RSA-2048 instead, for that of a 617 digit number, next we could be knowing it
for just the part it still could be, for only just wishing.

Make it only PrimeGrid instead, for that of the continued story it could be for that of sieving, and only new or progressive numbers for still the sequence it rather could be.

So here not the details in front of me, but you could be making it a new batch for that of Set of factors still in the way of processing, for only the carried out, or undertaken it could be.

Here that of sieving for only an Interval for such, except only range instead, when perhaps still not any wrong.

Again that I could add the second graphics card here, for already mentioned, but needs off with the airflow, for also the first card inserted, and next during the day.

Still quite good factors here, but also that I could be trying out LLR for just the Mersenne number it could be.

Here as well, for only chosen or picked at random, for still the end numbers perhaps discernible, for only recognizable for such, and here adding the P17 at first.

Next a P25, P34, and P103, for that of the following, and the whole thing next in 594.8492 seconds.

Could have my cake first, but next a couple of factors that could be added here.

Here all the factors with the little superscript, was added in the second one, and the latter two are pretty good ones.

But next that the C153 in the first example, is still composite, for only the remainder it still is.

If I knew a number only to be consisting of just RSA numbers for making them up, also that these ones are distinct or separate, for only the specific it should be.

Here all or most of these being laid out in a sequence, for perhaps multiplied, but next we know that it still should not any divide.

The problem with just "Waltzing Mathilda", is perhaps I should mention it at the top for only a Rhyme for such, except not any numbers in pair, for also combined.

Here RSA-768 multiplied with RSA-1024, should be such a pair, for still only CF in the Factor Database, and next also having to check.

And here, by the way, is an error with Yafu that I could find, because it never finds or reports the P12 here, except still only the wrong number.

Continuing from what is being reported instead.

Here meeting perhaps a wall, for only the dead end street it could be, for still not any getting it to run here, for only that of factors for such.

So here just the second one passing 480/4480 curves here right now, with ETA at 57.27 hours, for also the ecm it perhaps could be, for that of the first one.

That of making it just large numbers for still only the composite it could be, and next it could be meeting in the middle, for only a handshake instead.

This goes to show that for only the primality it still could be, for only dividing between numbers, also that of composite numbers, for just large, when still only in between, for also coming before.

Here I do not know if this could be still working, for only the nice factors being found just earlier on, for still that of today.

Anyway, just a short visit in here today for that of a bit hot in my room, and I could be making it the two most recent links again.

Here the first one factorizes into a pair of P62 and P44 factors, while the other is having a (preliminary) P53, for just difficult, and the rest a C138.

Here failure to equate relation three times in a row for the first one, but at least getting it here.

I could remove the paranthesis for just got it here, except that here perhaps the SIQS is not working either.

Should tell that this was quite difficult for that of stuff, so here more later for that of being added.

Doing it for that of a redo, and next the whole number, for that of the 9564... and next the C191 is too big for SIQS.

[But either just keen for that of the "+" it still could be, even the C309 does not divide any C1133, for still only the unknown factors.]

So next trying out with nfs instead, and it gives me the P53 again, for also an even number C85, together with the C138, for which I again have to divide and next multiply.

Again, should be composite here from the start, except not any squaring in between either, but the other thing could be still the C155 for that of just a fliparound number.

So here could be linking that as well, except that it should not be working the other way either, for rather doing it with the second one here.

It should not be working with the first one here, for still only the fliparound number it could be, and therefore still the other one.

But only sifting for just large, when not any sieving either, I could still end up with just small ones for the factor it still could be, when only just dividing.

And here choosing to delete a sentence, for still writing a little up, for not any bottom continuation instead.

Adding it once again, for perhaps still only important, for just the fact that I could be making it some way for only the small ones I could have.

But next having to write it down, for still just in the middle it could be, for also between, and here two small ones, for also a P15 and P16, and next a P106.

Continuing from just there, when still not any reported here, and it works, for making it 2, 137, 11953 here, for also a P196.

Anyway, could do a bit of night shift right now, because the P196 is the rolling one here for that of still only a bit small.

Testing versus RSA-2048, I guess it should yield at least something, except still only the composite number, and here a C420 becoming a C416.

One thing is that if could still not be telling about any distribution of numbers, except waiting until tomorrow here, except only aborting it.

I could still be doing the larger number here, except the suggestion that I perhaps should leave it alone.

But next still perhaps right, for becoming a P28 or P29 here before pressing the button, and makes for a P29 here.

Sorry for writing myself off a little, but just flipping around for that of a P106 and P196 combined, should still still be yielding something of result when only different numbers.

The one day RSA-1024 breaks, and will be having all the small numbers in front of me, for not any larger it should be either.

I better start doing it here for that of reporting the factors.

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Feb 2013

7×67 Posts

So here pulling back the hair while I just got a pair of P24 and P149 factors.

The problem here is that I could be sliding down the stairs, except still not falling, for only the good or better ones it could be still.

So perhaps not making it any sweeper either, for only a chimney, except still only the better number for what we could wish to know.

I could test it later on, for that of next attempt, but if still only just on the road, it could perhaps be still progress.

Here I got a P94 earlier on, together with a P20, and with next RSA-1024, it did not work there, so I tried RSA-2048 instead.

Here a P491 at first, and when flipping it around a little, another P483 next following.

Neither of these works, so here choosing to divide with some 147 digit number instead.

Doing so, it becomes a way of elimination, for still the numbers that could be.

It next makes me think of the Fermat divisors we could get at just PrimeGrid for only the middle of the crowd, except only just better, for not any larger.

Just the formula making it X*Y for still only a product of such, and next the switch for just a flipover instead, still is perhaps not known to me here.

If you could get at 5 for just 2*3, you might be only clever, for not any 7 instead.

Note, but not too difficult here just overall, but is a quite big one, for that of size, or considerable factor.

The problem I am having here, is that of a lead conclusion, for only just following, when still only one number just for the other.

Scratch my back, for still not any fingers, and it becomes only ailing for such, for also the mechanism it could be.

I mentioned the C106, for still only breaking with my fingers, except just lying behind, for only a desk for such.

Either I could be just blindfolded, for only letting it run, except not any Consequence for only result, for still the factor it could be.

If for some reason it could break for only a certain thing, next the C106 for only an example, for still not any follows, for only result.

Only satisified, and next also feeling good, for still the result it could be, except not any comparison for just the other either.

So, hope for not any despair, and still perhaps not any lesson taught, for only an assumption instead, for only that of unbreakable numbers.

Follow the leader, for not any discipline instead, and it could be only marching, for only that of result instead.

So, add for just include, and I could be doing that, except still not any phrase or sentence instead.

Here time is up, so doing it right now, for still not any editing it could be here.

And here my runtime environment blew, for that of being stuck with other details.

Next not feeling ashamed either, because here just a big one blew after running for a very long time.

Here it becomes a pair of P46 and P111 factors.

Total factoring time = 332206.8778 seconds

But next not in any hurry reporting this either, except that it probably breaks it up a little, and fixing the error in due time.

Adding the P38 in the second example, for just the whole point of it.

Flips back again for that of a turnover, and here a P20 and P178 after just 2.4799 seconds.

Yet another turn or flipover for that of the same, and it becomes the same P20, with the P111 as the second factor, and this time in just 2.8605 seconds.

So here the apparently closed circle of only knowing at least one of the factors, and you could deduce the other independently, for no time it should take.

We could make it quite many such ones, for only just unfactored numbers, like also a C147, when still the climbing of Matterhorn here.

But here one less to go, and next for only the first sip or gulp of the beer, next wondering what a lifting crane is still for.

Is it just a mechanism for such a thing, or could it be a secret for only just lifting, when still not any Matterhorn for just climbing?

Next the same for that of a P113 and P154 combined, and perhaps not reported, but here flips around with a P340, for only a P12 coming first.

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Feb 2013

7·67 Posts

New one perhaps, because only knowing that RSA-2048 factorization should be more difficult than the corresponding "magic number" only for such.

There you have it, except still not asking for any difficulty for only such a thing either.

If I could prove, next only for taking a couple of numbers with it, for still the undertow it could be.

But if I rather knew one single factor versus another, still only the simple it could be.

I better report the P261, for just having it here.

And just not liking that one, and going for the SIQS instead, which makes it undetermined, for that of a factor.

So, any reporting of a PRP here in the FDB, and I could be having my own celebration here, for a couple of beers.

Always welcome, for that having been said.

Edit: logging in again, for that of a new partition being set up, and here Core i9 for that of a computer, when also 10920X, and together with two GTX-1080, always a hand for such.

The problem is here for that of the short status line it could be, for not any Applications it could be instead.

Oh, so not for reporting just that one either, and I perhaps should be doing just that.

Just "finesse" goes for the better you could make it, and also that of science for such.

Just hidden secret could be just all for what we could make it, except still only lying there, for just in the background.

Here those numbers still part for just included, except still added, for just the meaning it could be.

I could ask the developers for just the package it could be for just added, except still only doing it myself.

But in the meantime, or perhaps in respect, those numbers you could make it, is still only what you could get.

When I continue from just there, for only what I found, next is so that of a story for such, for still not any continuation instead.

Pulling it from just the dark, and next the "a-ha" I still could make, for only an answer for such.

Anyway, I did not report the factor here, but perhaps could be doing it later (sigh), except only the meaning of it, for just that of a whole.

Link coming up shortly.

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Feb 2013

7×67 Posts

Posting a new one, for having to juggle with the disks in the meantime, and next also username and password.

Here got a better factor in the second, for perhaps a little larger, and next also part of the sequence, for still the end it also could be.

Here 904/904 curves at first, followed by 863/2350 next, and guessing it was found there, for also the 578/1486 following next or thereafter, for only giving it a little more.

Edit: So here it flips for that of a number, for not any casual or random sequence it could be instead.

But next the wrong one here, for still not any correct it could be, for just number.

So, when you just know it, that of deterministic only for a sequence, when still not any casual look.

Here the toilet just in the meantime, and I could be forgetting that.

Oops, but here thinking I could be posting for PrimeGrid, for not any never matter it should be either.

Sorry about that, but could try fix it, in due order.

Again, this polite project for where it supposed to be, for not any ends either,

But next also qualification for that of result, and it becomes that of dislike, for not any like.

Just do it, and it becomes that of prevalent, for also successive, when only a Method.

Editing that just before, for only returning back at the session.

Here perhaps not everything for just uploaded either, but could be reaching a limit for only that of capabilities.

That for only just order once again, and next sorry for only ending up on my disk, for not the other place instead.

Here composite, for not any Genefer or + for only preference, but only number for just factor instead, and next unable to report.

The problem here is that it does not take my numbers for only stuck, only leaving me in despair.

Here a magic number could be a thing we still could do, except still only hopeless for that of possible meaning.

Any P100 for just another one, should be that of a C200 for just composite, for still only flipping at the end, for the rest or residue it perhaps could be.

But next only hopelessly in love, for just thinking that a prime number for just factor, could be dividing the other one for just a circumstance.

Here I know it could be so, for only a remnant for just a dying star, for still not any left or remaining instead, for also a remainder.

Here just everything for that of RSA-128 or RSA-256 could end up on my disk, for still not any RSA-512 just blow instead.

Here perhaps two numbers only for such, except one being just the other for that of designation, and here not having the word, but perhaps "a" for just a start.

One such number is the C147 for that of 7529,,, at the start, and next composite, for not any factorable.

Adding together with the 1291... number instead, for just multiplying, and it becomes such a great pair for that of weighted.

Here flipping over for just RSA-2048 at the other end, and should be some place just around.

So here we could be having a discussion for just M50 being the end of the road, for not getting any further.

But next for some reason, I do not make it any Number theory for only the answer I could make either.

Either just weighted for not any importance either, and it could be just the single factor here, for just only the added it could be.

Wish I could make it so, for only the better it could be, for just factors in the crowd, for just the middle.

Here any RSA-1024 or RSA-2048 still not dividing the 4038... number either, for still only the complete sequence of Mersenne primes.

Any Theorem for just telling that PXX * PYY could still yield or return a composite number for just a remainder, and still only true for just that.

Either the RSA guys at the laboratory knows it just in advance, for not any predetermined it could be instead.

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Feb 2013

7·67 Posts

So here I could be lost, for not any bottle of Champagne, for just factoring a number versus the other for also the respect it could be.

Next, it does not always work, or sometimes, for that of a lengthy process instead.

But here noticing that it could be perhaps composite, when also flipping around at the other end, for just the same, and it becomes indeterminate, for not any concluded.

Why is is so, for only a pair of XX factors for also YY, when next also PZZZ at the other end?

Is it perhaps only smooth here, or could it be still conclusive, for that of just hanging about for being just together, when that of representative?

Two pairs, for not any one or singular, and next it could be still together for just a pair, for not any factor it should be at the other end.

Is this supposed to be a match, for not any mismatch, when stilll hanging together, for just a pair?

Maybe just nomenclature instead, and next it also could be perfectly written.

Ding-ding, but what about that one, for only a C162 it should be, when still only the other way, except continuing on it.

And here for the same factor when just flipping around, for not any error stroke for just the mouse either, and vecomes a P115 just here.

Here I did not get at the first one, for only that of myself, for only the remembering it could be, when next also not any so, for only just trial dividing just above.

But here that Yafu could be telling me that a number could be fixed for also composite, when also the hard or steadfast it could be, for not any giving in.

Next with that of (2^8192+1) here, and it becomes a composite number just dividing the other, for just the difficult it still could only be.

But only for that of just weighted, I could be making it still a preference for that of +1 for not any -1, when still only a difference.

Perhaps getting back at that, for still the other thing it should be, except that the coffee is not just working here, for that of today.

Here having a couple of memory errors for getting during the day, except one only a short one, for not being seen before.

Last fiddled with by storflyt32 on 2020-09-05 at 18:49
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Old 2020-09-10, 21:44   #132
Feb 2013

7·67 Posts

So say hello, for only just the polite and gentle you could be, and next continuing on the story.

Here should tell that a couple of factorization tasks became a week or so old, for still only just running here.

For at least one of them, I could be knowing the answer readily in advance, except not which one, for only on the spot.

The problem here is that I added from the bottom of my list, next to the FDB, and not the part of it just in the middle or between, so here either just lacking, for also remaining.

But if I could make it certain meaning for how a thing could relate, also behave as well, in that just different factors could be centered around a specific point, for only the encircled it perhaps could be.

Here the magic number could be excluding a couple of numbers for just its own part for only what it could represent, and next still only two such ones for only remaining.

But here it is supposed to exclude all those small factors for still the thing it could be, except the other part still remaining.

But sadly that I could wait just a week for that of a number to break, except the other line for just part, when it could be a factor instead.

The problem here is that it could be skipping for only just the moment it could be, except not any too large instead, for only just handle.

Here two XXX factors multiplied with each other (different numbers for that of XXX*YYY) next makes for a CZZZ, which next flips over, and just yields that of the same, for still only a composite.

Needs an edit just here, but should be that of prime numbers for that of factors, just above.

Example1: P134 = 31461481277723155105589702118858263526507332638476065181262355757473049601570968454065808493170790598534695561949645588847587569510771

Example2: P156 = 110019861490142863949322559886071005348708519564742037670566816818914054066001299166416292404080344755440041210047186712722518875722556809621672003082734923

And note for not just any adding here either, but only continuing for just doing, when still only that of subject for only so.

Pretty good ones here for just both of them, but next needs to be added to the FDB, if not already so.

The second one here is more of trial division only, because here not making it with ecm using 2^21 curves, and rather came from above, or the higher number.

Enjoy it possible, or if you like it, because here a tbetter one for both these two, when flipping around for the third link.

Or more precise here, got to the P37 for that of a factorization, and next it becomes the P48 for only missing here, and by that the trial division factor.

Just in from the shop here, so making it better for aa fix a little later on, but also I could give it a try as well.

This one from the third above, when just continuing for that of settling down for the long haul here, but next I have not multiplied together here either.

So getting to the cup of coffee here, and more correct to say that it became a single factor for only left, when making for the P37 from the C140, and next the first link above.

Next finished job for that of updated, and I could be relaxing for a little while, but here not the latter two for now.

Again note that the second one in the middle just above is a very tight one, so trying out with 2^22 curves here, for not any finished.

But next the total number of possible "candidates", next multiplied together, and next flipping around for giving or yielding a factor.

I read it so that it is those number left or remaining composite, which could be still keeping an answer away, for that of "retaining".

So at first glance it becomes unfinished job, when still only incomplete.

Here the rest of it is in the blue for not any known, and still only remaining, when only an example, except the P48 and P54 for that of a flipover.

So next a dance, for still not any Rhythm and next also a flipover for just the same, for still only the thing being meant.

But if I ever mentioned that only one such factor could be digging quite deep at times, perhaps no such thing either.

Here I tested out, but was a little surprised for that of the P24 and P73 pair here, for that of bit of difficulty, except only to show that this number is stil a quite big one.

But here excluding for only an Algorithm perhaps meant, and I could be left with those numbers which could be more or less relevant.

Here 3 versus 2 really does not tell me anything, except only factors like P37 = 8996940074204825564459425493703826457 and P48 = 195990765748291511193629568546310991524042603601
for only that of simplicity here.

But next only the endless saga, for that of jumping buck only for such, and it could be only jumping back and forth for still perhaps not any slingshot, when also a whiplash.

Only endless possibilities, and here perhaps P41 = 22321834546200556370026681926048865947523 and P93 = 317528317457847835559927656690125101763765151548107364283960232845175731901684571916268264437
next only combined, for that of meeting a possible chance.

So here flips around for roughly a C137 on one side, and next subtracting this number from C309, making for about or roughtly a C172, which has to be factorized.

Could be trying out that as well, except not knowing on the spot the end result here for that of factors.

Next that one in the buffer as well, for not any above, except starting a new one right here.

Almost classic, for not any spots above my screen, hindring both appearance and look just here.

Total factoring time = 27378.5916 seconds

See what I got here for only so tight for that of the first one, or number.

Again the first one in the queue here for that of progress, and not any finished, because of the same, except adding the P9.

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