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Originally Posted by Alberico Lepore View Post
Lepore Factorization in O(k) Conjecture

Do you think about it?

Let N=(4*b+2)^2-(2*a-1)^2=p*q -> p=(4*b+2-(2*a-1)) and q=(4*b+2+(2*a-1)) ->p+q=8*b+4 -> q-p=4*a-2

Let H=2*((3*N-1)/8-1)/3+1

Let 18*(H*(H-1)+H-1)=A , A/144=C

Let X=C/((H-1)/2) & Y=C/((H+1)/2)


X+(a-2)*2-1=b*(b+1) , N=(4*b+2)^2-(2*a-1)^2


X+(a-2)*2-1=b*(b+1) , N=(4*b+2)^2-(2*a-1)^2

game over
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