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Default How I Install msieve onto my Ubuntu Machines

(Note: I expect to keep the first post of each of these "How I Install..." threads up-to-date with the latest version. Please read the rest of each thread to see what may have led to the current set of instructions.)

This thread will explain the steps I use to install* msieve onto a computer which is already running Ubuntu. This procedure should work for other linux distributions as well but the only other one I've currently tested is Debain.

*In this instance "install" is referring to the acquiring and compilation of the msieve package only. The binary will have to be called using its respective path.

I will expect the user of these steps to be able to use the sudo command.

I will use a directory called Math for these installations. You may elect to replace "Math" with your own choice.

These instructions can be used as a reference only, if you want, but I will provide specifics that work for me. If you follow these steps as I provide them, you should end up with a working installation.

First, follow the procedures in:

How I Install GMP onto my Ubuntu Machines
How I Install GMP-ECM onto my Ubuntu Machines

If you have already installed the following packages, you can skip the next two steps, although performing them wouldn't hurt anything.

Open a terminal and Enter:
sudo apt-get update
You should be prompted for your password. This prompt should only appear once for your terminal session, unless you leave it idle for a long time.

After the update completes and the user prompt reappears, type:
sudo apt-get install g++ m4 zlib1g-dev make p7zip subversion
Accept the prompt.

Download the msieve package:
svn co $HOME/Math/msieve
Move into the msieve folder:
cd Math/msieve
Special Note: If you have chosen to install GMP-6.2.0, please follow the cut/paste procedure for editing include\gmp_xface.h, found in this post:

Description of msieve modification in YAFU thread

Now you have a choice to make. If you will be installing YAFU, then you need to use the NO_ZLIB switch.

If you will be installing YAFU, compile msieve with the following:
make all ECM=1 NO_ZLIB=1
Otherwise, use:
make all ECM=1
Note: There are other switches to compile msieve for use with GPUs and/or clusters. I will not be covering those options here.

Return to your home directory:
cd ~/
You can check your installation by running a test factor instance:
Math/msieve/msieve 115367564564210182766242534110944507919869313713243756429
It will appear that nothing happened. But, in that blink, msieve factored the composite and placed the factors in msieve.log in the calling directory. The following command will reveal them:
cat msieve.log | grep "factor:"
Or, you can open the log with your preferred text editor. To learn more about msieve see the Readme files located in the msieve directory or try msieve/msieve -h.

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