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I've done some changes to the Wiki, but those are small ones, like "Persons" sorting by surename.

I even don't like redirects like "LL": why not using the real page "Lucas-Lehmer test" and write "[[Lucas-Lehmer test|LL]]" which will display the "LL" in the text only.

Templates were used not correct:
I've changed for example "Template:DC".
Before changing the page was also listed in "Category:Distributed Computing Projects" because of the implementation of this template.
I've included some code and it look like this.

All templates should categorized.... no... all pages!

The MediWiki Version 1.5.8 is quite old, so things like the template Infobox won't work, because the expressions like "{{#if:.." or "{{#ifeq:.." are not inlcuded.
The Parser Functions are available in MediWiki 1.18 and above (currently 1.28 up to date) in the core software or as extension to install seperately.

I also would like to inlcude new pages and some more templates, but without those extension it's quite hard to make themselves.

I'm working in MediaWiki for about 2 years now and set up my own Wiki currently MediaWiki V1.25 and make mass use of templates because there're many things which can be reused.
That Wiki also comes in English and German languages (help not yet in Eng.) and runs ~ a year now for members of a jigsaw-puzzle-forum.
I'm working on the help pages, updating to V1.28 and change to a new domain (not this year.

After that I will try to create on a Wiki like MersenneWiki. Perhaps the data from the "Riesel and Proth Prime Database" could be inserted there, too.

If I read correctly here, the wiki-code was highly changed (because of Math Symbols), so an update to newer wiki soft is impossible.

Another point:
Some pages contain much code like the Home Primes Results.
I think these results are not needed because those calculations should be done in minutes today, so I would delete those results and only show the open sequences like for HP base 10.
What about links to factor.db? This would make those results easier to proof or work on.

I will change some more pages and see what I can do more.
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Moving a page (because you only want to change the title) will automatically create a redirect. Is there the ability to supress creating a redirect?

I don't know if this is possible in that version, but MediaWiki gives this with the user-right "suppressredirect".
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