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Default Primo Browser?

I was trying to work with Primo the past 2 weeks, when I had downloaded the Linux Version. I only have Windows and I know that Primo cannot work on Windows. Is there any other program like Primo or is there a Browser version (not an executable file) for Primo? I don't really run into a lot of problems now, so please help me on this one.
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I believe Primo can work on Windows through the Linux subsystem: WSL2
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This has worked for me in the past:

On Windows >> Install VirtualBox >> Install 32 bit (16 bit won't work) Ubuntu on a virtual computer >> Install Primo on the Ubuntu >> Start running Primo

The advantage of VirtualBox is that you can have multiple clones running/paused/resumed for different jobs. Periodic snapshots (State Backups) [Don't have too many per clone unless you are looking for a corrupted file disaster] will ensure not much work will be lost in case of a power failure or the likes. You can also CAP the execution/s when you need to multitask on computer tasks.

ETA I'm still living my in the Windows 3.1 era.

Use the 64 bit the 32 bit won't work.

ETA II BTW, Isn't it about time for the 128 bit PC's/OS'S to be out already?

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Originally Posted by a1call View Post
Install 32 bit (16 bit won't work) Ubuntu
do they have 16 bits now? I though they are going up, not down
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DOS is always there for you. xD But maybe not for Primo.
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