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Nov 2019

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Lightbulb PRP+VDF and the "sunk cost fallacy"

According to classical economics and traditional microeconomic theory, only prospective (future) costs are relevant to a rational decision.[5] At any moment in time, the best thing to do depends only on current alternatives.[6] The only things that matter are the future consequences.[7] Past mistakes are irrelevant.[6] Any costs incurred prior to making the decision have already been incurred no matter what decision is made. They may be described as "water under the bridge,"[8] and making decisions on their basis may be described as "crying over spilt milk."[9] In other words, people should not let sunk costs influence their decisions; sunk costs are irrelevant to rational decisions. This is known as the bygones principle[7][10] or the marginal principle.[11]

Since version 30 reduces the amount of work required for verification by something like 99%, it makes sense to:
  1. Upgrade to version 30.3
  2. Discard work for first-run PRP test less than about 95% complete (technically 99%, but the gain would be small).
  3. Run the test again with a certificate
I noticed this while contemplating what to do with double-check work my one computer downloaded during the upgrade. Because it is running under-clocked (and at a 33% duty cycle -- during the low power demand time), the PRP run and doublecheck work are not expected to complete before the doublecheck work expires.

I plan to stop the client, rename the relevant work files (only 23% done), move the doublecheck work to the beginning of the queue (to check the software for bugs), and re-run the PRP test with VDF. If needed, I can run the machine at full clock speed for a month or two (it is more efficient that way anyway due to disk array overhead).
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Nov 2019

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Exclamation Update

It looks like the PRP assignment format has changed slightly.

I had to append ",3," to the PRP assignment line in the worktodo.txt file.

I got that from the replacement assignment lines in the web interface when you check your current assignments.
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