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Default Mysterious reboots

Twice in the last ten days, I've logged into my compute node 'wheat' to find no jobs running and an uptime of a few hours - it's silently rebooted. Nothing useful appears in the logs in /var/log.

What's the normal cause of this? The machine is just over three years old, does it make sense to replace the power supply?
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Mark Rose
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What are the last messages in /var/log/syslog before the fresh boot logs?

Power supply is my guess. Is the computer on battery-backup?
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Toddler in the home that likes to push buttons?

But seriously, I agree with power supply as most likely and cheapest to try.
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Dust clogs? (which translates to heat, as asked by the posters above, already).
When was last time you dusted it and re-seat the CPU? (like in "cleaning the cooler of the old paste and adding a new paste").
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The computer's not on battery backup. It's in an outbuilding with five other computers and none of the others have glitched in the last five months. Could well be heat, I suppose - it's on a shelf with other computers to the left and right of it. Haven't cleaned it since I bought it three years ago, it's been running in the shed all that time.

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I would sling in a spare power supply if you have one. With that many pcs a spare power supply will end up getting used for testing if nothing else. I used to keep a power supply with a noisy dying fan around to check whether the power supply was the problem. My current pc has been through a good few power supplies. The last one got really clogged with dust.
The rest of the pc could probably do with dusting as well.
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Originally Posted by fivemack View Post
Haven't cleaned it since I bought it three years ago, it's been running in the shed all that time.
Spiders and/or mice?

Spiders are common inside unattended computers running outside clean machine rooms; their webs are extremely good at catching dust and hindering airflow. I once found a vacated murine nest inside a machine.
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