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Default Can't open log file...

Perhaps I'm being Naive here, but Prime95 refuses to report anything for me. :(

I'm currently not able to run for a single second as the proggie says I get a fatal error (in rounding, not a BSOD!). This isn't a great surprise as I'm trying to run a 1Ghz thunderbird at 1.4Ghz and fifty-nine degrees C. :)

However, I'm somewhat surprised that the error occurs so soon (the system runs UT2003 for forty minutes before crashing, and will happily do three 3Dmark2001se benches). I can't diagnose the issue as I can't see any report. :(

Am I just being thick?
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Read the stress.txt file.

Since you get an error so fast, I expect you've either overclocked the CPU or memory too much. Try lowering the memory speed, if that does not help, try lowering the CPU speed and/or raising the voltage.

Alternatively, go back to stock speed and raise mem speed and cpu speed until prime95 errors occur then back off a few MHz.

Prime95 is a real punishing app, it will often start raising errors long before other programs do.
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