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Default Dubious claim on wikipedia

Wikipedia claims that an integer gcd can be calculated in asymptotically linear time. Of course there is no citation. Looking at the source for GMP, it appears to use only the standard euclidean method and the extended version. There is also no other reference to this magical algorithm that is easy to find with a search engine. Is the entire paragraph just bullshit?

from here:

However, if a fast multiplication algorithm is used, one may modify the Euclidean algorithm for improving the complexity, but the computation of a greatest common divisor becomes slower than the multiplication. More precisely, if the multiplication of two integers of n bits takes a time of T(n), then the fastest known algorithm for greatest common divisor has a complexity O ( T ( n ) log ⁡ n ) . This implies that the fastest known algorithm has a complexity of O ( n ( log ⁡ n ) 2 log ⁡ log ⁡ n ) .
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It's not claiming linear time, where do you get that idea?

GMP certainly does not use the Euclidean algorithm, it uses subquadratic methods --
specifically Möller's algorithm, which Wikipedia refers to as "Schönhage controlled Euclidean descent algorithm".

If you use Schönhage-Strassen multiplication you get the desired performance. You can do (technically, slightly) even better if you use Fürer's algorithm or any of its derivatives.
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GMP for many years did use only the basic algorithms, although subquadratic GCD patches were available. One of the reasons GMP was forked to become MPIR was that patches like this were felt to be languishing even though there was a clear need for them.
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