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Default Lucas test for billion bit prime

Hello Does anyone know if i can use prime95 version 24.11 for a billion bit lucas-lehmer testing or any other such software?
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Originally Posted by MESCALINE1968
Hello Does anyone know if i can use prime95 version 24.11 for a billion bit lucas-lehmer testing or any other such software?
Yes, someone does know.

You can't use Prime95 itself for gigabit LL-testing, but other multiprecision math libraries could be used.

How long are you prepared to wait for a single test to run?

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You understand that LL testing a billion-bit number would take roughly double your lifetime on current hardware, yes?

I believe Prime is not coded to factor *or* LL test above n=80 million; I've never heard of anyone trying such a power, but I know of no specific limitations on Proth for exponent size. However, as Proth is much less efficient code, expect it to take something near 3 lifetimes to complete one test instead of a mere 2 lifetimes, if it indeed can handle the exponent.

If it is mere curiosity about the program's limits, plug such a power in to Proth and see if it spits out an error (may as well find time per iteration while you're at it, for entertainment).

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