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Default Constipation theory (001)

Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
So, that is how the 30% slowing down of your computer is justified...
The problem with this "constipation" theory is there are "many eyes".

There is a reason AMD's stock price increased today, while Intel's dropped.
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Default Constipation theory (001)

(moved from here)

There is no bug or memory leak. In the world of continuously increasing mobility and independence of computing resources, increasing computing power, etc., it is more and more difficult to track down what a guy is doing with his cores, and where he is taking them around the mud ball. Add to this the increasing popularity and price of cryptocoins, and think about a future where people are totally independent of big sharks and leech that suck your blood, like banks, governments, etc... They will not be able to constrain you in any way. You may be able to travel wherever you want and you will not carry anything valuable with you. They feel they are losing it. So, they need to take precautions.What you see today around you, like the war in the middle east, whatever, these are events that were carefully planed 50 years ago. Long term planning. Winning the war for resources, power, blah-blah... (you know how the lines go from here). So, there is no leak to patch, they just want to install into your computer some better tools to track you down and to record your activities, and why not? to mine some bitcoins from time to time, when you are not looking to the screen... So, that is how the 30% slowing down of your computer is justified...

The effect of this, you will see after 50 years. Well, actually you will not see it, you will be dead by then...

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