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Default Finishing expired LL test

In 2012 I had installed prime95 on a windows8 machine.

I checked out from primenet four exponents for first LL-test, and never finished (switched to linux)

Today I started windows again, and this are the percentages done I can see

53027963 (71.86%)
59181203 (55.57%)
60643613 (45.13%)
56841431 (25.86%)

For example:

I can see my assignments exponents expired in primenet, where assigned to others who did finish the LL-test (turned all of the composite, I would be sad I was so close to find a mersenne prime!). And now they show up as if I had a DD assigned.

That is because now a LL test was already done, isn't it? Because I had a first LL check assigned, but it mutated into a DD when other finished the LL test first. Am I right?

When I go to My account->CPU, I can see that computer, but nothing shows in the columns Current Exponent, Stage, Expected, etc. But the computer now is doing the LL loop from where it left.

If I let the computer finish these LL loops, will I have credit for the DD? Or would be better to cancel it and change it to do TF? It would be a pity to loose the work already done, I'm not sure if I should let it finish.
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Yes, you will get the same amount of credit for the double check as you would have for a first-time LL test. It doesn't matter if it expired, you'll still get credit when it completes. And every exponent needs an eventual double check, so it's necessary and useful work.

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You’ll get double check credit if you let them finish.
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