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Default need C implementation of divb(r,k)

i am trying to implement the algorithms in "DETECTING PERFECT POWERS
IN ESSENTIALLY LINEAR TIME" by dj bernstein, and a required function is divb(r,k), which is apparently found in "The art of computer programming, volume 2: seminumerical algorithms" ex 4.3.1-16, but since i do not have access to this book i am stuck without it.

if someone could provide the alogrithm, an implementation or a link either of these it would be greatfully appreciated.
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Too bad you didn't ask yesterday since I have the book at home.

Maybe if you explain what the function is supposed to do, we could help.
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Is this what you are looking for?
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Text of exercise 4.3.1-16:

(Short division.) Design an algorithm that divides a nonnegative n-place integer (u_{n-1} ... u_1 u_0)_b by v, where v is a single-precision number (that is, 0 < v < b), producing the quotient (w_{n-1} ... w_1 w_0)_b and remainder r.

Sounds like grammer-school division by a single digit (in base b) integer - shouldn't be hard to do.

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Thanks akruppa, that was exactly what I was lookin for, hmm wonder if any libraries here in NZ have a copy of that book...

also the bignum thing looks interesting, I could use it in the future to handle bigger numbers.
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