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Default Ram allocation (in Re: previous thread)

You guys seem to be the "P-1" guys. I'm posting a link to the "Ram allocation" thread (in Software) below because I entered a table in entry #9 that I really would like to know the last column of. I do run LL tests, and I am trying to figure out what the optimal amount of ram I should allocate with the goal of maximizing "is/isn't prime" outputs is, not necessarily to find factors.

I do not have the time to start a project to fill in that table, even though it would be a very small one. Would a project be needed, or is the data available or timings/information known?
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I have replied properly in the other thread. I ran some p-1s with different amounts of RAM allocated and each time the test took the same amount of time, however the chance of finding a factor went up.

The only way a p-1 test would take longer with more RAM allocated is if you allocate more memory to prime95 than what you currenly have free. Then prime95 starts to use "virtual memory" and then that REALLY slows down the p-1 test.

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