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Default Humpty Dumpty..

Recently I was rewriting some interesting results obtained from some nice and tidy equations. Somewhat complacent that everything I had obtained meshed perfectly (and it does) I delved a little deeper into one aspect with the intention of generalizing some examples ..and fell off the edge. Despite how "pretty and provable" everything looked I wasn't able to obtain certain explicit general results. Again, I learned the hard way, the poker adage ."don't fall in love with your hand" rang true [and for the sexually minded..same thing]. You don't know what you don't know unless you step outside "complacency mode" and dig as deep as you can into what you have staying fresh, imaginative and alert. There is more to be said but I think the point is made. Here are a couple of links, one to a good paper and the other to a great site. Re-reading the paper and some of the articles in the latter helped me get back on track and reconsider certain results from the tiniest conceptual granules (Democritus' take sprinkled with high-tech stats) coupled with Archimedes' myriads and Knuth's up-arrow notation.

For fun, I'm also adding these links. While he was alive Fravia's environment was a great place to learn and explore. These days..not so nice but an expected evolution.The reason why these two links were added is because challenges abound and just "knowing stuff" is far different from "knowing how to use your stuff."

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