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Default mmff parameters

Hi Math People,

I was reading the webpage

It says for the mmff program
"You'll want to adjust GPUSievePrimes and GPUSieveSize for best performance."

I haven't adjusted the .ini file for my mmff (if it is not broken, don't fix it)
What are some good values for these two parameters that other people have used?

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You can search the forum (see "Search" on the top blue bar) for either of these words.
You will find e.g. this and maybe more similar posts.
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# GPUSieveSize defines how big a GPU sieve to use (in Mbits). Bigger sieves are a little
# more efficient, but may produce laggy video response.
# Minimum: GPUSieveSize=1
# Maximum: GPUSieveSize=128
If you use the computer for other things while it is running then leave it somewhere around 4-16, so the video does not lag. Otherwise try to increase it and see if you get faster speeds.

#GPUSievePrimes needs to be higher the larger the number you are factoring is. It should set it somewhat automatically depending on size, but you can try manually different values and check which gives the best speed for your current number.

I made this list once but it was on a slow GTX 460 and using version 0.23 or something like that, so you should definitely test it yourself on your machine with the current version:
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