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Default OpenCL accellerated lattice siever

Hi folks,

A colleague of mine and I have been working on an OpenCL based lattice siever. The code can be found at

The current status of the various pieces are:

1) Small prime sieve/resieve is just stub code "that does the job". There are obviously far faster methods for performing this task.
2) Larger primes are currently only translated onto the (q,r) lattice using the GPU. The expensive portion, expansion of these sub-lattices, is still done on the CPU. We've been modeling a method of doing both tasks inclusive of "bucket" fill in and resieving using a merge sort like algorithm.
3) Some minor routines need to be implemented in the OpenCL MP code
4) Cofactorization is fast. The scheduling of kernels could be a bit better to take advantage of overlapping copies and kernel executions.
5) Code doesn't work on AMD/ATI. This is due to an odd bug regarding lowering of constants for integer division and a heap overflow in the register planner.

The README and code has more details.

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Very cool; looking over the source now.

Do you have any timing comparisons between CPU and GPU for the cofactorization stage?
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