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Feb 2007

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yes @ range 5150-60T it usually will take 20sec~ to remove a factor. Its still 30times faster than doing LLR.
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Jun 2007
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How are you getting it on both cores? Run newpgen, set affinity, run another instance, set its affinity, and watch the candidates fall? :)
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Mar 2006

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I don't know about a Core2Duo, but this worked for me on a Pentium D (it also works for LLR if you run it alone, without using PrimeGrid or another BOINC project):

1.) Make a copy of NewPGen
2.) Put it into another folder
3.) Run first copy of NewPGen
4.) Open the other folder and run the second copy of NewPGen

I left the affinity at the default values.
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Dec 2006
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Same as MooooMoo, I just set affinities because I think it is a little faster on my C2D and my Athlon X2's.
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Jun 2007
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I'm more likely to set the affinities; the default is to use both, and I don't know if I trust WinXP to do the right thing all the time :)
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