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Feb 2013

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I had a couple of problems, because the cable connector with my laptop broke.

Here could add a P48, for making it a P133 at the end, but next the danger for ending up with factors 2 and 3 (twice), for that of flipping around with the
Magical number, or RSA-1024.

Total factoring time = 757406.9036 seconds

Together with the other factor I just reported, it becomes only such a thing for that of probable success, in that you could be making it hidden factors
for only the secret it could be.

The computer hangs again for that of applications in the way, but should read (2*3)^2 here, for that of 36.

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Feb 2013

1EE16 Posts

New post here, or perhaps together with that of the previous, and I really do not know.

Only that I appreciate your gentleness, for letting me post here.

So everything on the table, and in fact I choose to dismiss, for only my own conscience.

Is that infinity, for that of the other project, and next I could choose to accept, for not any dismiss.

More that more itself, or infinity, should mean or weigh more, than just small or feeble here instead.

If an observation of an object could validate, next also true, except that it became a UFO here instead.

So, leave it only to possibilities for only decide, and next only nature for that of Fact here instead.

Next you think it should quantify for just that of more, and next also being valid here as well.

Sore throat, and next I only missed that for the grain of sand, for not any superlative or supreme nature here instead.

Are different things still that of validness, and next I also could be proving just only for the same.

Here it is kind of disrespect, for not any matter, when I could be still only proving for such a thing.

Sorry, but I meant that nature should be all and everything for such a thing, for not any else here instead.

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Feb 2013

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Again, fiddle, for not mentioning any video, because I could be straight on here instead.

For starters, let us begin with the 2*3 for that of RSA-1024 I could be having (twice), and next also a little hesitant.

Should promise, when first here, I could be making it links for you to see, except not there still.

Many roads for only leading, and next to Rome, for only the base or starting point it could be.

I will keep you posted on the most important here, but for now, some other factors here instead.

Continuing, or edit, and these became the two factorizations I made in a following or consecutive order.

Should tell that I never recall or remember getting any P45 just after each other or another, for only doing such a thing.

But perhaps not knowing for how much weighted each should be, and next multiplying for that of RSA-1024 for that of the rest, when only dividing.

Anyway, sequence here for still only repeating or consecutive, but it also reminds me of the biologist who tried to split or slice bacteria
for only the sequential method it could be, except that we should not discuss this any further.

Now I lost the post for trying to make, so here out for now, and only the beer instead, but was meant to be pretty good.

Edit: Perhaps I could be editing my current post, before creating a new one.

This one is not meant for your money, when also cheque, because here in a reasonable or considerable short amount of time.

Became a SIQS here for that of factoring, and here SIQS elapsed time = 22201.9213 seconds.

This one, for perhaps more impressive or attractive, and here Total factoring time = 49721.2164 seconds,
for perhaps the little better factors it could be.

Only that I am computing using a laptop computer right now, when also the absolutes it could be for that of an exclusion mechanism,
when we could be excluding a couple of numbers, for only being certain.

Here I leave it only to the other project for still only answer for that of a meaning, for only the tantalizing it could be,
when perhaps a couple of questions about nature.

Therefore just loving the beer for just knowing right now, for not any acknowledging for nature here instead, when it only could be wisdom.

Any numbers for just "enough said", and I only took it into consideration for just meant, except that it should be still only a practical detail
for what we could be doing.

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Feb 2013

2×13×19 Posts

That or something else, for only the rest or remaining, for only the unfactorized it could be.

And next for only that of gremlins, because it was passing my way for just not doing any more or else just here,
and left it only where it should be.

If I could perhaps leave it to you for only the rest for such a thing, perhaps only better, except that it becomes only the
missing factor for still only remaining.

Anyway, gremlins, for only becoming a couple of such, and next you should also know, for only the factorizing left or remaining,
for that of such numbers.

Trying at best here for that of a SIQS, for not any wit or humor here instead.

Why not please ask you to do the other thing for that of remaining, because here I was only concluding for science here instead.

So, for still not any good or better I could be for a being, only a systems administrator for inserting the missing factors for remaining.

Only that I was not supposed to be believing for any science, and next you also know, for only just good, for that of the same.

Any hopelessness for that of a factor, and next you could think I could be insane, for still not any proving for science.

Edit: I never asked for any nature being true, for only the insane I perhaps could be.

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Feb 2013

7568 Posts

Oh, I am confused, for not any table it should be there either.

Are you assuming that it should be any RSA-1024, for not any RSA-2048, for only the factors it should be there?

The problem is that it you could pick it from whereelse or regardless for the same problem it only could be.

Example here, but factorizes back with a P42, for just the same or similar numbers for only known, the opposite way.

Total factoring time = 165257.7618 seconds, and perhaps I could be flipping the other way for that of manually keying here instead, for not wasting my (or any) time.

Hold on, or wait a minute, when doing that for successively updating.

Edit: But only left with a touch-screen for just clicking right now.

But the C79 perhaps mentioned or input (keyed) for that of the FDB, could be having a P29 and P50 for that of separate factors,
but next I also blew the window, for that of DOS.

Only to have it mentioned, when you could be trying here instead.

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Feb 2013

2×13×19 Posts

That one, and could be trying with 2^21 curves, for not any 2^20 working.

Nice, and a big thanks to the one doing it, because here I got both a stuck flat for also Arthritis, so unable to continue.

My next guess is that the Magic number, or RSA-1024, could be still skewed, for the lacking PXXX we could be making it.

Ok, so trying this link for only manually, this became only the factors here instead.

For not any anyway or Ok, how to stop any parallel processing requests instead, and next this time for the Factor database.

Becomes only an annoyance when having to wait for a request for just input by a key.

Try again it says, for just not any key either.

Stop it for just a halt, and it perhaps was not any implied, for also you knowing the same.

Anyway, so waiting for that, for only having it resolved.

Any untapping, for not any unwielding, and next only lucky here instead.

I am not logged in there for just you to know, and therefore I could be starting a new session instead.

Any pull it for that of basket, next not any needed, for only going to the shop instead.

Hmm, the Factor database could be making it any implied for just not any such thing i could be making it either.

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Feb 2013

1111011102 Posts

Any credit missing?

Just got SGS Gold at PrimeGrid, on my main account, but does not help in anyway how to find a prime.

Continuing, but here needing a table of PXX * PYY factors, in order to not having to factor such a thing each time when known.


P68 = 36582248791808631699210682369668224561124501490662796294591826272303

P96 = 753722409395288192121764901834023922295484298100641662616702550961463892590674710667093404757413

Product or result a C164, and not any factorable at all, and therefore not reported either.

C164 = 275728607004598723399854912815774594814894822463882859204067609226260553950099595527092600551115964662346752859277377745399739576277067789041

Flipping around, and it perhaps could be somewhat easier, and here it became a P125 at the end, from possible recall, and once again continuing from there.

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Feb 2013

1EE16 Posts

P98 = 70906518152468098817734219573823028466114342469948385130793046598805040673090772938675790851256573

P42 = 590366098770506779831185174033307481279069

Unable to contribute, but the product flip-around versus RSA-1024 makes for a P17 and P152, and takes a little while to factorize.

I did factor this number by using Yafu subsequently, and therefore also reporting it, and here not too hard or difficult either, so here both ways.

Also this number, except posting here first, when experiencing a blue screen first.

Total factoring time =1116226.3685 seconds

I did it wrong at 4 AM in the morning for keying in a "1" digit here at first.

Should be this one for the correct run or sequence.

Need to edit that of above for a little better, but have to run for the shop first.

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Feb 2013

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Oh, so look ahead, for not any first, but could be sitting in the chair right now for not any wrong, but only right or correct instead.

Just feather, for not any auspices it should be either, and next I should have mentioned this word for the other project instead.

You never know, for still only an answer.

But just on the spot, for "Here I am", because next only picking a number (or prime number) by only rare choice or Coincidence for a meaning.

Next perhaps only so, for not asking nature for any other instead.

So here each separate number for meaning, and next it "plumps" back (sorry about that), like almost 2+1.

Just "cheese" instead, and we could be making a Mersenne prime for such a thing.

Whoever could be still know for only asking, except still perhaps knowing.

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Mar 2019

1010001112 Posts

Originally Posted by storflyt32 View Post
So here each separate number for meaning. and next it "plumps" back (sorry about that), like almost 2+1.

Just "cheese" instead, and we could be making a Mersenne prime for such a thing.

Whoever could be still know for only asking, except still perhaps knowing.
And the 2022 MersenneForum Poetry Award goes to....


Anyway, could just gcd, or common factors make for any better factorization?

Lost words again, but I had P2 = 43 versus the Magic number earlier in the day, so not too bad.

But not working here for this, as far as I can tell.

Why do we not count quarks here instead?

The scientist who could be brave, could also be pushing it against the limit for only asking.

Does not the factor list in the FDB grow, for only being added to?

Apologies, but here confused , with . and only divided instead.

Next reciprocal, and have to check, and back later.

Means fraction, so here I was right.

Last fiddled with by storflyt32 on 2022-12-22 at 19:34
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Feb 2013

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And here we know that the Factor Database could be 20 million factors or so, except sometimes unwilling to divide, for only that of separate.

So never mind for still nature describable, also we could be putting numbers into a context, when we will or perhaps must.

Perhaps for its beauty, but also its surmounting for only climbing, and next you make numbers a given whole for nature.

Or the other question here instead, but still needs an edit.

Face to face here, but still never mind, for only the other or project it may be.

Oops, lost it, but could be trying later.

Again, appreciate your gentleness for only posting, but need to think a little.

Last fiddled with by storflyt32 on 2023-01-05 at 07:17
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