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Default Better with MinGW 5.0.3?

I have just changed from the old version of MinGW-3.1.0-1 to the newer
version MinGW 5.0.3 I have kept the current version of MSYS-1.0.10
When I compiled a new copy of ECM 6.1/GMP 4.2.1 I found that the ecm.exe
file was 30 kB larger than before.
I ran 'make ecm-params;make' and it also passed 'make check' OK.
Is it correct for me to assume that the new copy of GMP-ECM will be better
and faster simply because it was compiled using a newer version of MinGW?
The new version of MinGW has certainly put "more" into the ecm.exe file, but
will it be more efficient than an older ecm.exe file that was compiled using
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I doubt there will by any significant difference in performance. Most of the cpu time is spent in GMP functions and those are written in assembler, so different compilers should not have any effect on their efficiency. Exception: AMD64 functions in GMP 4.1 were generic C code, different optimisation quality of different compilers might affect speed here.

Maybe the new MinGW compiler is putting more symbol/debugging info in the binary... is the "strip" command there in MinGW? It removes all such info and leaves only the program code. You could run that on copies of both the old and the new executable and see how much the size differs then.

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