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Default PRIME.INI question to address error message

I went to the documentation (imagine that!) and found the Time= example that allows me to turn Prime95 off for an hour every Tuesday-Friday and Saturday morning. I want Prime95 to stop for an hour at 04:00 Tuesday-Friday and 08:00 on Saturday.

Here is what I put into PRIME.INI:
I stopped Prime95 and restarted it. I received the following message in the Prime95 window:
Illegal line in INI file: 24:00
I thought I had faithfully followed the README.TXT example. Do I need to change to 24:00 to 23:59 or would that cause me to lose one minute every day? Please advise.

Thank you.
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from the readme:


What I get from this, is that after a Time line, you need to have the priority and disk write time lines immediately afterwards... What's unclear to me is if that'll shut it down otherwise, or not... Kind of confusing.
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