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Default What is a good version of PERL to run on a win2000 pc?

Yes, I know its not related to number theory or primes or Mersenne numbers but I've never gotten bad advice on this forum. I really do need a PERL program to generate some specialized scripts. For the record, I am using PERL in a limited way on a LINUX server that I access over a network. I would like to have the capability of running it directly on my PC. I am currently crippled by having to edit the script files with a text editor then convert them to a form that can be FTPed to the server. Once on the server I have to telnet in and run them.

For the record, I already have a bit of information about Komodo.


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Axel Fox
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Well, since the beginning of my Perl programming (in Windows, because I first experimented with perl on Linux as well), I have been using ActivePerl. It's a free distribution and I think it's one of the best ones around for any Windows Platform.

You can get it here :

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