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Default I'm sure this is an ID-10-T error on my part

From readme.txt:
The P-1 choice lets you factor numbers of the form k*b^n+c using
the P-1 method of factoring. You can also edit the worktodo.txt file
directly. For example:
My assignment says this:
Prime95 28.6B1 says this:
[Comm thread Sep 25 16:29] Registering assignment: P-1 M59400883
[Comm thread Sep 25 16:29] PrimeNet error 44: Invalid assignment type
[Comm thread Sep 25 16:29] ra: unsupported assignment work type: 3
And changes my worktodo.txt entry to:
Is this as designed (Pminus1 IS supported but NOT as a valid assignment) ... or did I so something stupid?
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The server will accept your results, but will not accept a P-1 reservation.

Maybe this worked a few weeks ago, I don't know. I've been making changes for the PRP stuff and may have altered PrimeNet's behavior.
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