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Default Notification of Mersenne Database update

GP2, how do you currently identify when George updates the Mersenne Database.

I've been thinking about writing my own script to send me an email when the files update so I can run my Team_Prime_Rib stats updates however more of us doing this means more unnecessary load on the server.

What I'm thinking about would be a method whereby one person runs a check script which emails a distribution list.

The only problem I can see would be the server getting hit by all us stats freaks all at once as soon as the email goes out.
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How about having opteron do a mirror of the stats files? Then have people grab them from there?

Would having the files in a CVS system be useful as well?
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I just check the timestamp at the bottom of the page. Low-tech.

Right now though, there may be a deliberate delay in updating the data files until M40 is verified.

The Opteron does mirror the FTP directory for GIMPS, but this is mostly so that people who can't use FTP because of firewall issues can still download the executables using HTTP. So it's not always kept up-to-date with the latest data files. It could be done if necessary though.
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