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Sep 2003

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Default HRF3.TXT now has computer-id in it

Starting with the just-released Sept 29 2003 version of the data files, HRF3.TXT has the computer-id as the third field, just like BAD and LUCAS_V.TXT.

Hopefully this will not break anyone's scripts (unlikely, unless you were using the program-version field, which is now the fourth field, same as in BAD and LUCAS_V.TXT).

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Sweet, more info = a good thing for us stats hounds. Now I can audit TeamPrimeRibs exponents as soon as they appear in the Mersenne Database rather than waiting until they are double checked.
Thanks for your data vigilance GP2
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Starting with the October 9 2003 version of the data files, HRF3.TXT has the error code as the fifth field. The title of this thread has been updated accordingly.

HRF3.TXT now has all the same information as BAD and LUCAS_V.TXT except the residue and shift code.
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