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Mark Rose
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Originally Posted by storm5510 View Post
An old slow machine. I have one. A Dell Core2Duo made in 2008. It sat in my closet in a box for years. I pulled it out to test it recently. It can run Prime95 without any problems. As it is, anything other than small ECM's are beyond its practical limits now.
It will still run LL-DC in reasonable time. But not very power efficiently.
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And it can do PRP-CF tests too.
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Random Account
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Originally Posted by Uncwilly View Post
And it can do PRP-CF tests too.
You are right, it can, and it did. I tried a few. I had forgotten.
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And the PRP certs that it can get should not last too long either.
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If one manually reserves an exponent while not logged in, it is impossible to release the exponent. There is an expiry date though : one must start (show progress ?) in 180 days.

To come back to the original subject of the thread, the assignment rules start with :
Since PrimeNet began, the server has recycled exponents where the client computer is 60 days past due in updating the server. This rule has been fairly effective and will continue. However, there were cases where exponents were tied up for years without completing.
This rule is clearly not applied. While I can understand that people "setting and forgetting" get some, or even a lot, of leeway, this does not apply to manual assignments : if you forget it, you will never report an eventual result. If using manual assignments it should be mandatory to regularly extend them.

Then a lot of exponents get "lost" because of a hardware failure, machine stolen or decommissioned, reinstallation and various other causes.

Perhaps the "60 days past due in updating the server" rule could be modified to 180 days, but not to no limit as it is today when only the exponents that become CAT 1 are recycled.


[nitpicking]The current rules for CAT 2, 3 or 4 exponents should be reworded because of the introduction of category 0[/nitpicking];-)
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Serpentine Vermin Jar
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Default 100M digit assignments have some leeway

I think we've discussed this before in another thread, but assignments have some grace/leeway if they are sufficiently higher than the current wavefront of new first or doublechecks.

In particular this applies to the 100M digit exponents (332M+).

The normal expiration rules simply don't apply to these, for the reason that they're so much larger than what's currently being assigned, there really isn't much pressure to expire them in order to move things along.

I think it would be okay to expire exponents of any size if:
- no progress has been checked in since it was assigned
- and it was assigned over xx days ago (maybe 6 months)

I might also include any where progress was reported, but it was a long time ago and no recent progress

There are a good # of assignments that were checked out and then apparently abandoned (user never reported any progress), but they just don't seem like they'd be of any particular use for someone, unless they really had a hunch about that exponent? In which case, poach away... if you have some secret knowledge that exponent XYZ is the one for you, don't let an ancient assignment stop you from running the test.

There are currently 2,783 LL or PRP assignments that were assigned over 6 months ago with no progress ever reported. That includes some PRP co-factor assignments (I didn't have a fast way to exclude those). So it's not like there's a ton of those.

There are only 513 more that have reported some progress, but not in the past 6 months.

Anyway, point being, we could loosen the rules up some, but there's really no pressing reason to do so. And if you feel strongly about some assigned exponent and it's clearly been abandoned, I don't have any personal feelings about you running your own test.
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