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Originally Posted by kruoli View Post
Would it be possible for you to only commit self-DC's, if you mismatch yourself?
That seems like a very reasonable compromise!

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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
Ha, dream on! Do you think in 50+ years people would give a sh~oe who Madpoo and LaurV were? Haha, you made my evening, I will go to sleep now (12:30 AM here). Maybe somebody will remember you, at least for some "net adventures" you had in the past, but for how many stupid things I did, I really hope nobody will remember me....
Well, that was kind of the point, is that NOBODY will know who we were. So the whole concept of "trusted user" is a little bit pointless. Trusted by who, and why?

If we decide now that LaurV gets a pass on self-verified work because he's LaurV, that doesn't mean a lot now, and it'll mean even less as time goes by.

Anyway, the point is, the definition of poaching in this context is when work is assigned to someone, but then someone else does it without an assignment and turns it in first.

Sometimes even I've done it, but I tried to only do it when I could see that the assignment was not being worked on. Some combination of factors like they haven't checked in for a long time, it was never started, it was assigned a long time ago, it's well past the last expected check in, etc.

What you've done is turn in your own result even though it was assigned to someone that was actively working on it. You even did it for the exponents I assigned to myself and messaged you and told you specifically that I picked those so that you wouldn't have to do your own tests on them, but you did it anyway.

There are some examples where you self verified and then the original assignee turned theirs in later... One of them, I even turned in my own triple-check of yours so I guess in a sense the two of us together double-poached it. The others, I turned mine in and realized that in the time between running my report and turning in the result a few days later, the original assignee finished. That's why ongoing, I'm excluding exponents where someone is still turning in results before I start my own triple-check.

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Without reference to any particular user:
Self DC is not the best practice. If there's some justifying reason for it, such as software or hardware testing, ideally the manual run will be done first. A prime95/primenet self DC is indicated as legit by the periodic transmission of interim results to the server. Manual DC after a prime95 first run is not, and is trivially fake-able from the prime95 first-test results.
Zero offset is an indicator of a gpuowl alleged result which is manual reported and lacks any security code field so could have been faked.
(Or cllucas, if it's LL, but I don't think anyone's using cllucas any longer.)

Perhaps a new policy should go into effect at some future date, that manual self-DC will not be accepted or credited, or something.

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Originally Posted by Madpoo View Post
There is still progress on that one by anonymous, although it has the same res64 sent in by three users already.
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