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Default Batch registering assignments (Cat 3 and above)

I am recently redoing P-1 factoring on exponents with low B1=B2 in the DC range. Previously I declare my intentions at this thread, but as I move onto higher exponents, it makes more sense to register them, to avoid potential clashing with occasional people doing TF work there.

Because I can't register them as P-1 assignments, the workaround I find is to reserve them as TF via Manual GPU Assignments. However, this becomes cumbersome, as the exponents I need are often not continuous, and therefore I need to reserve them one by one, and then paste the AIDs.

My next attempt to automate is to put these exponents as TF in a worktodo.txt, and try to let mprime register them automatically. However, this also fails, even for Cat 4 exponents. The error message says Denied: TF that range is blocked. If it is to prevent TF power from being wasted on smaller exponents (where TF is less efficient and DC is more efficient), shouldn't manual reservation block them as well? It doesn't make much sense when automatic registration are denied up to Cat 4, but manual assignments can get exponents in Cat 1 (not sure about Cat 0).

That aside, what I want now is some way to reserve DC exponents as automatic as possible. I wonder if there is one.
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Does anyone know of a way to do it?
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