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View Poll Results: Do we need an "orphanage"?
18.0-19.0 M 3 1.23%
19.0-20.0 M 7 2.87%
20.0-21.0 M 11 4.51%
21.0-22.0 M 10 4.10%
Elsewhere, missed in DC, below 18 M 10 4.10%
14.4kbps or less to 19.2kbps 2 0.82%
21.6kbps to 26.4kbps 1 0.41%
28.8kbps to 36.0kbps 3 1.23%
38.4kbps to 52.8kbps 14 5.74%
better than dialup 37 15.16%
Less than 16 million 13 5.33%
16 million 5 2.05%
17 million 5 2.05%
18 million 9 3.69%
19 million or more 12 4.92%
Yes! Puzzles stimulate my brain! 29 11.89%
No! I feel stupid enough already! 2 0.82%
My WebTV rocks! 0 0%
640x480... 0 0%
800x600... 5 2.05%
1024x768... 17 6.97%
Higher than 1024x768... 29 11.89%
Yes, that would save me a lot of trouble! 3 1.23%
No, that is just too damn complicated! 14 5.74%
I just poach my exponents so I have no use for this! 3 1.23%
Voters: 244. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2003-06-28, 17:21   #1
Xyzzy's Avatar
Aug 2002

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Default Just a little idea...

I've heard that TPR maintains a small orphanage of exponents that are used when people want a special assignment or for when the server is down... It is also used for when people can't finish an exponent...

Anyways, I was wondering if we should have one of these deals for the forum here? Nothing big, just a little something for when the server is down...

Would it be worth the trouble? I was thinking we could even just list 10-20 exponents in a thread and as people take them they just post...

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Old 2003-06-28, 19:53   #2
dsouza123's Avatar
Sep 2002

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That last option is hillarious.

I just do trial factoring, would it include TF too ?

How would it get reassigned to the person getting it,
or would it somehow be credited to mersenneforum ?

Usually I have extra TFs so it is more an issue of sending in the result than running out of work.

Depending on the answers would effect my vote.
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Old 2003-06-29, 06:04   #3
garo's Avatar
Aug 2002
Termonfeckin, IE

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I think that George's manual test ranges are more than enough. My experience with the TPR orphanage tells me that it will be way too much work especially when stuff needs to be moved from one accoutn to another.
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Old 2003-06-29, 08:24   #4
Xyzzy's Avatar
Aug 2002

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So you aren't going to volunteer to run this? :(
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Old 2003-06-29, 21:43   #5
Maybeso's Avatar
Aug 2002
Portland, OR USA

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As I understand it, the purpose of the TPR orphanage is to provide a group buffer of work-to-do that is both smaller and more flexible than the combined work-to-do of that many individuals.

The question is, can we do the same for our 500+ :D members in a relatively simple way?

Perhaps if the TPR members helped write up a formal "How to use an orphanage." document, it would give the rest of us a clearer idea of what we are trying to create here.
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Old 2003-06-30, 03:19   #6
outlnder's Avatar
Aug 2002

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I don't think it possible.

All users at TPR are under the same account, just with different computer IDs, thus allowing the moving of exponents between many machines.

Here an Orphanage type thing would need to move them between accounts, not just computer IDs.
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