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Default Small set of 12

A small set of 12 (these are not consecutive).


Post here to claim this set.

When you're finished, manually check in your results at

As an alternative to doing sets like this manually, consider the semi-automated method of doing P-1 exponents for Primenet credit:

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I'm testing this batch...
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Aug 2002

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UID: Xyzzy/Xyzzy, M10486163 completed P-1, B1=60000, B2=1050000, E=6, WZ1: 0F7D7A61
UID: Xyzzy/Xyzzy, M10540001 completed P-1, B1=60000, B2=1050000, E=6, WZ1: 10AA7855
UID: Xyzzy/Xyzzy, M10591183 completed P-1, B1=60000, B2=1050000, E=6, WZ1: 121C765C
UID: Xyzzy/Xyzzy, M10652219 completed P-1, B1=60000, B2=1125000, E=6, WZ1: 13AC8F15
UID: Xyzzy/Xyzzy, M10716451 completed P-1, B1=60000, B2=1125000, E=6, WZ1: 15448A97
UID: Xyzzy/Xyzzy, M10798027 completed P-1, B1=60000, B2=1125000, E=6, WZ1: 1771B548
UID: Xyzzy/Xyzzy, M10885591 has a factor: 129330812543533833217
UID: Xyzzy/Xyzzy, M11053631 completed P-1, B1=65000, B2=1137500, E=6, WZ1: 1E03F2CF
UID: Xyzzy/Xyzzy, M11159359 completed P-1, B1=65000, B2=1153750, E=6, WZ1: 20AA3719
UID: Xyzzy/Xyzzy, M11296231 completed P-1, B1=65000, B2=1186250, E=6, WZ1: 2459A354
UID: Xyzzy/Xyzzy, M11440127 completed P-1, B1=65000, B2=1186250, E=6, WZ1: 2833ADCD
UID: Xyzzy/Xyzzy, M11615579 completed P-1, B1=70000, B2=1242500, E=6, WZ1: 2CBFC7B7
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