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Originally Posted by unk View Post
PowerColor AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT Red Devil costs 149999 rubles, 2061 dollars
See for details. The prices are a bit obsolete, but you could find that the older models (RX 5xxx(XT), Radeon VII) are much cheaper.

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Let me summarize.
For real work in the project, you need a video card. You can make Mersenne prime coin, but everything will be tied to the server there. This is unacceptable. There are also unacceptable aspects in real cryptocurrencies. But when everything is tied to the server — such a cryptocurrency is not needed. I agree with LaurV. Fail.
Please return the name of the topic to Mersenne prime coin. Maybe someone will figure out how to implement the coin. It is clear that open source code will not help. Developers have direct access to the server, and they can always change the code. Vaughn, the developers of Chia drew 21 million coins for themselves. Who will believe the developers after that?
It's like with the gold standard. Who will trust paper money? People will prefer to keep their savings in metal. It is possible in gold, it is possible in copper.
I also agree with LaurV that Mersenne prime coin has already been implemented. This is "Giga-Hertz-Days".

(machine translation)
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