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"David Kirkby"
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Default What FREE cloud computing services exist?

I wonder if anyone has gone looking for totally free computing services? I looked at a couple.

1) Alibaba. I'm not 100% sure, but I think they offer a free service. However, after starting the registration process, I gave up with that, as Alibaba demand too much personal information. Alibaba want a copy of ones passport, photograph of oneself and so on. I was personally not willing to divulge all this to Alibaba.

2) Amazon AWS offers a free trial for one year. Which I'm using to test if 2^110826841 -1 is prime or not.
Amazon want a credit card, but only take a $1/€1, then refund it. I'm in the UK, and see they have taken £0.72, which is about $1/€1. I expect Amazon will refund it, but I might gain/lose a tiny bit if the currency rate changes. (I recently lost over £60 from PayPal after receiving a refund on a faulty item from eBay that I purchased for €1400. PayPal used to compensate for that, but now they don't). I copied some information from
for the Amazon CPU below, so you can get some idea what I got. It's an Intel E5-2676 v3 @ 2.40GHz. You can get some idea of the performance of that CPU from
Last Activity   2021-04-04 08:32, Last Updated 2021-04-04 08:32, Registered 2021-04-03 21:05
GUID    <stop secret, or maybe it does not need to be>
Software Version        Linux64,Prime95,v30.3,build 6
Model   Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2676 v3 @ 2.40GHz
Features        Single core, Prefetch,SSE,SSE2,SSE4,AVX,AVX2,FMA,
Speed   2.399 GHz (4.893 GHz P4 effective equivalent)
L1/L2 Cache     32 / 256 KB
Computer Memory 987 MB   configured usage 307 MB day / 307 MB night
What (if any) other services offer free computing?


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I believe Google and Oracle also both offer free trials of one month. The free trials are pretty much worthless though, since they generally have a low cap on number of cores that can be utilized. Corrections are welcome. AWS was the only service that kept charging me even when all the instances were inactive. I remember I had to jump through a lot of loops to get them to stop.
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"David Kirkby"
Jan 2021
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The exponent I am doing a PRP test on would be a world record. It is expected to take 83 days to complete on the one core that I have in the Amazon cloud. I would be able to complete 4.4 of them in a year. I assume probably a bit below 4, as the later ones I get assigned would be larger. That’s obviously not going to challenge Ben Delo for Mersenne numbers tested, but it is not a totally useless amount, especially given that it is free.

The issue of Amazon charging the credit card is one of significance. I have thought of getting a “Basic” bank account in the UK, where there’s no overdraft whatsoever. People in debt are encouraged to use them, as you can not get further into debt. Having one of those and sticking £5 in it for trials or other things where a company wants to verify a card, but be able to take much is quite an attractive idea.
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Originally Posted by drkirkby View Post
I wonder if anyone has gone looking for totally free computing services? I looked at a couple.

... What (if any) other services offer free computing?
Use the reference info. I've updated the list about halfway down the long page at

Look for heading "Cloud computing specific reference threads or links" followed by an alphabetical order bullet-point list of over a dozen choices.

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