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Default unable to link V4 account

" Another v5 user has already linked to v4 user ID 'xxxx' " is what I see when doing this. How can I/you correct this.


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Is it possible that somebody has already linked the v4 account to a v5 account? Maybe you did it and forgot that you already made a v5 account, or maybe it's a team account. (recovering credit made as part of a v4 team requires the team leader to transfer the credit) If the latter (team) is the case, direct the team leader to and give him your v5 user ID.
If it really wasn't already linked, or was maliciously linked (e.g. somebody guessed your password), contact George Woltman with both IDs (v4 and v5) and email address(es) and he should be able to get it all sorted out.

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