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Nov 2002

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The exponent of a Mersenne Prime has itself to be a prime otherwise the number is composite!!!!

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Evgeny Dolgov

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Default Game continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i found new method to generate prime numbers !!!!

using this helpfull test tool! Great thanks to authors
of this page


i generated simple prime number 7 digit - test ok PRIME

7 digits - ok prime
11 digits - ok prime
15 digits - ok prime
17 digits - ok prime
25 digits - ok prime
35 digits - ok prime
then i think next prime about 55 digits - but form field
cannot input more than 50 digits ;(((((


who can help?
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Nov 2002

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post the number in here please and i will test it for you!!
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Evgeny Dolgov

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More detail

this new method based on asymetric prime rule.
(30 minutes i used it and then success)

this new diffrent from last that i put in previous messages

more details on testing

# of digits | result

7 success
8 fail
9 fail
10 fail
11 success
12 fail
13 fail
14 fail
15 success
16 fail
17 success
18 fail
19 fail
20 fail
21 fail
22 fail
23 fail
24 fail
25 success
26 fail
27 fail
28 fail
29 fail
30 fail
31 fail
32 fail
33 fail
34 fail
35 success

next ...... can't input more than 50 digits
ithink i need 55 digits for next success test

Evgeny Dolgov
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Nov 2002

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you can use to look if your number is prime
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Evgeny Dolgov

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it's more complex than previos test page

help me please

what are the input fields i must use?

for example lets start from known prime 127

And Andy
tell me please about yourself
are you programmer?

i need to know who helps me

thanks for reply
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Nov 2002

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Paste your number you want to test in the first box and if this number is prime the box underneath wil show it to you.

I'm a programmer ( dont know if im good) but i could help you
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Evgeny Dolgov

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that prime 35 digits


i'll try to find next
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Evgeny Dolgov

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all this numbers are prime






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Dec 2003

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Originally posted by Evgeny Dolgov
that prime 35 digits
Does your algorithm work only in decimal (base-10) ?

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Nov 2003

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It is possible the algorithm will produce many primes in other bases, but only by a fluke. I assume the method was created using the well known divisability rules in decimal (i.e if the sum of the digits is divisible by 3, then the number is divisible by 3, if the number ends in 0 or 5 it is divisble by five...) These rules are base specific. It is worth noting that this type of number will never be prime in bases 6,9,12..., because the number will always be divisible by 3 (in these bases any number ending in 3 is), and in base six, they will also be divisible by 5.
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