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Dec 2002

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Default How did you get your forum name?

Well, I'm just curious. How did you come up with your username?

For me, the name "ixfd64" has a few years of history. I used to be addicted to the game Final Doom. The official site is, and the strng "ixfd" seemed pretty cool to me. Final Doom had 64 levels, plus 64 was a cool number (I guess Nintendo 64 started the trend), so that's how I chose "ixfd64".

I'd love to hear yours!

*shoots rubber band at next poster*

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Aug 2002

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My first computer experience was playing Colossal Cave on a old thermal printer terminal... By this I mean the display was a thermal printer... We used to save the "scrolls" of our game to study later... I think I was 11 or so... It had to connect to a mainframe via a 300 baud modem I think...
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Apr 2003
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From the old unix game of the same name. I played it with a bunch of friends during college. I was probably the best player of the bunch. I'm actually insane enough to port the code to Java, but I have little time to work on it, which is a shame as I am more than half-way done.
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Aug 2003
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Bestowed up me by the holder of the Sacred Chalice Of Rixx.

Actually it comes from a different source...
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Sep 2002
Austin, TX

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That is a good question........that i don't know the answer to.
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Aug 2003

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From a long time ago in a chat channel, there were the server bots, BotA and BotB. Therefore i made a bot and it caried the name BotXXX. I liked the name and it is not used much besides me so far i can gather. I changed it into my forum name a long time ago when i needed a stable name.
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Sep 2002
Oeiras, Portugal

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I took it from a cartoon hero rather popular in Europe: Tintin. In one of his adventures, there is a reference to an animal that looks like a unicorn, and that has the name lycorn. Being an imaginary creature, I thought it would make a nice name for an imaginary identity in a forum...
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Prime Monster
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Aug 2002

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I built it
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Dec 2002
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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When possible I always use koekie as nick- or username
since it's the Dutch word for cookie it's sometimes hard to get
Then I use it with a 666 suffix
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Mar 2003
Braunschweig, Germany

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I once was addicted to the MMORPG "Asheron's Call". Tau Ceti was (one of) my characters name there.
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Dec 2003
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Derived straight from my real name
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