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Jul 2004

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I love the image of a firey Phoenix so I used to use Phoenix a lot but it was often taken so I added Blue - colour can mean a lot in fantasy, blue is a hot flame, a different colour usually denotes a leader and because in Baldur's Gate 2 I had two mages who could cast both cold and hot flames in a shield around them - Blue and the regular red that a Phoenix normally has - and put together it had a cool purple flame with white as the hottest part and red and blue ends flickering about.

Mephisto I think is a demon from Diablo.

Dukat could probably have been said to have gone insane many episodes earlier.

And I believe antimatter exists naturally linked to normal matter to make up sub atomic particles and dont ask me why they dont destroy each other. It has also been suggested that matter/antimatter pairs are created constantly in empty space and promptly destroy each other.

And finally there is currently an argument over where to build the first prototype fusion plant - either in France or Japan. Japan has the support of US and South Korea while France has the support of (I think) China and EU. So they are close to making fusion worthwhile.
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Sep 2003
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Originally Posted by BluePhoenix
Dukat could probably have been said to have gone insane many episodes earlier.
Quite true, though he didn't completely lose it until that episode.
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Feb 2003

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Flava - this is how my buddies call me (my name is Flavius)
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Aug 2002
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I've moved all the Fusion vs. Antimatter vs. Gravity posts into a new thread. Please carry the discussion in the new thread at
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Aug 2002
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Mine was also given to me by my parents .

Originally Posted by tom11784
pretty simple - name, dob
But is your bday 1/17/84, or 11/7/84 ?
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Aug 2003
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1/17 ... would done 110784 otherwise
i think there is only 1 site i use 011784 on
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Jul 2004

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My fascination for math began (or at least started growing towards what it is today) with my intrest for the fourth dimension and the fourth-dimensional cube, the hypercube, aka tesseract.

Thought it would make a pretty cool nickname and it's rarely taken.

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Originally Posted by Orgasmic Troll View Post
first name + first letter of last name

it also sounds like "travesty" if you say it out loud
This is what happens when you change your forum name.
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Jun 2004

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I love to play go (a board game)

nngs --- no name go server
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