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Default Question about P-1 behavior

Question on P-1 behavior when switching computers:

I have a friend who REFUSES to run Prime95 unless it's only for three hours per day, and only while she's sleeping. Instead of having yet another computer make some extremely slow progress, I am thinking of using her computer to do some trial factoring and P-1 factoring.

Now I don't MIND doing SOME P-1 factoring my own computer. I just want to gain time on my computer by putting some work off to the very unproductive computer.

So my questions on the prime95 behavior are:

1. If P-1 factoring does not find a factor, will Prime95 always automatically delete the m####### file? (usually does)
2. If so, is there ANY way to make Prime95 not delete the file?
3. My computer has far more RAM available than hers, and I've allotted 1GB w/ no noticable performance hit. If I allott something far smaller than 1GB on her computer and then transfer the m####### file to my computer, will my computer choose new B1 and/or B2 values? (I'm hoping to simultaneously increase my chances of finding a factor.)
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