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Question Prime95 in Safe Mode on Win98SE

Does Prime95 run automatically when you boot up in safe mode?

I was defragmenting my computer in Safe Mode and it kept restarting the defrag because a program had written to the disc. I had this problem before in normal mode but it stopped when i started defragmenting in safe mode.

However, after i installed Prime95 I started having the problem again, this time in safe mode. I thought that Safe Mode meant only the esential programs were running, therefore nothing should be writing to the disc automaticaly. (should it?)

I know that Prime95 writes to the disc every 30mins so I now assume that it is Prime95 running in the backround. But I want to make sure it is not something else. I have Prime95 set to start on boot up but dont know if this applies to safe Mode as well.

I dont know how often it restarts defragmenting so i dont know if it is every 30mins, which would show that it probably is Prime95.

If Prime95 does start automatically in Safe Mode, is there any way i can disable it, just in safe mode?

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I don't know if Prime95 runs automatically in Safe Mode.

There are a couple of options for it not disturbing the defrag.

Put PauseWhileRunning=defr,scan in the prime.ini file

If any program that starts with defr or scan is running Prime95 will pause.

Or if you have Prime95 visible then exit it before doing a defrag.

Or make Prime95 not automatic for now, re-enable it later.
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Put PauseWhileRunning=defr,scan in the prime.ini file

It shouldn't matter where in the prime.ini file i put this should it?
Ill see next time i defrag/scan if it still has to restart.
Thanks for the help
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I know prime95 doesn't run automatically in safe mode on my computer.
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