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Oct 2003
Australia, Brisbane

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Default 100 P-1 factors...

I keep track of all of the p-1 factoring that I do (seeing as I don't get any primenet credit for it) and with the latest set that I just submitted, I just broke 100 factors.

The exact results...
Exponents tested 2335
Factors Found 103
Chance of finding a factor 4.41%

Notice that the chance of finding a factor is actually higher than what the program predicts which is 3.66%

Well, off to start trying for 200 factors now...
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Feb 2003

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Congratulations! What an achievement! Keep it up: on to 200...

Last fiddled with by markr on 2004-04-08 at 10:36
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Aug 2002
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That means 103 less L-L tests to do!

You should be credited for that!

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James Heinrich
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"James Heinrich"
May 2004
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I'm still way behind you, but I've finally broken 100 factors myself!

I seem a little less efficient than you:
Exponents tested 3210
Factors Found 100
Chance of finding a factor 3.12%
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Jul 2004

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jeeze dave u got a crap load of ram what u got like a gig for p1ing...
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Oct 2003
Australia, Brisbane

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Yeah.... All of my machines that I was doing p-1ing on had a gig of ram in them, 850mb of which was allocated to prime95.

However, as you have probably noticed have i haven't been doing much p-1ing lately. I don't have as easy access to those machines any more. And my machine I am always playing games on.... and p-1 and gaming doesn't like to work together....
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